Wednesday, April 4, 2018


"I probably would have stayed a priest, honestly, if I had been smart enough not to follow the fucking law." - Patrick Wall

The speculation is getting funny. So the PDN once again seeks out priest-defector (he calls himself that)-turned-lawyer-lackey, Patrick Wall, for even more anal gazing into the Apuron verdict. 

According to the PDN, Wall thinks Apuron was found guilty for solicitation in the confessional and not sex abuse. 

Why does Wall care so much about the Apuron case? And if he cared so much, why didn't he volunteer his services to help out when we could have actually used the help?

Wall works for Anderson and Associates, which has made a name (and a fortune) for itself by suing the Vatican. Not that any suit against the Vatican has ever met any success (they haven't), but suing Rome has catapulted Anderson to national prominence and brought his firm big business. 

The Apuron case presented a special sort of carrot for Wall and Anderson. Up till now their lawsuits against the Vatican have been dismissed because 1) the Vatican is not the direct employer of priests or religious, and 2) the Vatican does not receive information about each and every priest or religious throughout the world. Priests and religious are subject to a local superior, not the pope. 

However, Apuron is a bishop. And to some degree, the pope is the direct superior of a bishop. Thus, the Apuron case gave Anderson and those like him the best shot at the pope and the Vatican that they have ever had and explains why it is critical that they do their utmost to discredit the Apuron verdict in order to maintain a clear shot at the pope. 

If Apuron really was found guilty of sex abuse by the Vatican tribunal then the years-long quest to discredit the Vatican, and the money trail which fed the quest, would dry up. Thus, the near diabolical squirming to spin the very obviously severe penalty imposed on Apuron as only a "slap on the wrist," which in turn is used to impugn and discredit the verdict. 

I am simply amazed at the sycophant media rushing to worship at the altars of guys like Wall. Why not ask Apuron directly, or at least his own attorneys? Why not ask him and them what he was found guilty of? 

While the Vatican might be bound by a certain secrecy, Apuron is not. And you can bet that if he was not found guilty of sex abuse he would have already made sure that we knew it. 

But he hasn't.