Wednesday, June 20, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

At least Cristobal is consistent, anybody that knew him as a teen, would recognized that he has not changed much, except perhaps he got worse.
The chubby, socially inept teenager, who ended up in the trash bin at Father Duenas, after he snitched on his classmates, moved on to St Joseph Seminary, where he was known for denouncing his fellow classmates who spurned his advances (yuck!), for all kind of imagined missteps. That was unfortunately the beginning of a long career of lying, deception, bullying, and rumors. Cristobal always had the marking of a coward, but he always was sly enough to brown nose to people in power who could give him protection. This is a perfect image of an individual who should have never become a priest, even less become the chancellor.

Adrian is the type of villain, that Hollywood used to describe as always lurching in the shadows.
His constant plotting,denouncing and doing everything it takes to destroy whom ever he saw as a potential adversary.
His specialty: the rumor spreading.
His shortcomings are only equal to his desire to destroy others. Always a poor to mediocre student, (it took him ten years to finish a 6 years program, and he still has not been able to get his degree in canon law.) He is prone to tantrum when things do not go his way.

One can still remember his storming out of Guam, when Apuron refused to make him a monsignor, to go hide (already) in Denver. If it was not so tragic, it would be funny.

That's right! When Adrian does not get his way, he starts bullying people, throwing tantrums, using blackmail. Sounds familiar? Read again the accusations of one of his three official victims....very very similar. Yet at the same time, Adrian would never confront directly or one on one. He would use his obsequious, spreading of rumors and innuendos, and slander of innocent people.
Remember his silly, embarrassed grin when the media followed John the typhoon Toves to the Chancery?
That was classical Adrian. Afraid and pretending to be cool.
Yet he knew that John was not joking. He knew John, because they went to the seminary at the same time. He knew John was a no nonsense guy, and that he'd never let Adrian pull his sneaky, back stabbing way.

So where is Adrian? Some have speculated he went to hide with Gennarini. It is probably a good option for him. Gennarini can hide him in a series of community, where he will continue his sickening work of termite inside the Church.
It will not matter that Archbishop Byrnes revoke his faculties. The Neos do not follow our rules, they are above it, after all.
The only two things he fears, is being defrocked and loosing his precious money.

Once a coward, always a coward.


  1. And yet here you are being a bully yourself by calling him a coward.

    1. Ah yes! The devil's advocate!...We had not had one in a while.

      The problem being of course the shallowness of your argument.
      Or perhaps it is only a reading comprehension issue?

      Calling a cat a cat, does not make you a cat.
      Denouncing an immoral individual, who has proven throughout his whole life that he is a coward is not being a bully, it is calling him to task.
      You of course are the product of the society we live in, which confound everything and its opposite. The results of a relativist view of the world, where people become "nazis" if they happen not to agree with you.
      Underlining the fact that Adrian is a coward, and that it has ruled his sorry life almost in its entirety, has nothing to do with me, or you by that matter, it has to do with him.
      Saying so is not bullying, it is stating a fact.
      That fact might be disturbing to you, for whatever reason it does impact you, but it remains a fact.
      Nothing you can say about it, would change that unpleasant reality.

  2. Frenchie you still are an idiot always trying to blame someone else

  3. Well, well, here we are with the negative attitude!!
    I am crushed.....
    Thank you for weekend pseudo-psychological analysis.
    At least it compensates for the lack of punctuation.
    I do not need to blame someone else, because we have so many glaring example of misdeeds out there, that the hardest part is choosing which one to prioritize.
    Thank you for reading the post.
    God bless.

  4. You are right Frenchie. He will be moved around the NCW arena of itinerants as they always have been doing.