Sunday, November 4, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)
Despite out spending, out advertising, slandering her opposition, and buying her way through the local journalist little caste , LLG is finding herself in a pickle just two days short of probably the most consequential election on Guam in the last quarter of a century.

The biggest abortion apologist on island, is trying to distance herself from that hard fact, in order not to scare the honest church going faithful who are still undecided, and who most likely shall be the king makers in a very tight and hotly contested triangular Governor's race.

Lieutenant Governor Tenorio having awaken from his hiding place of the past three months, has come out swinging, while Senator Aguon's writing in campaign is gathering steam, thanks to the support of a dedicated base, which feels (rightly) having been robbed of a primary victory, by a combination of attack ads and less than honest Election commission's decisions.

Lou and her team of Neocats, and less than stellar business cadre, succeeded in brow beating UOG and the Rotary Club in not allowing the Aguon/Limtiaco team to participate in their debate.
That was actually very telling of the desperation and frustration of the LLG campaign.
They understand well the danger of the Aguon's appeal within the Democratic base, and the possible cross voters from the republican party.

Unfortunately we are probably going to see during the next two days a combination of sweeping ad campaign from Lou&Josh, (who have already out spent all the candidates combined), with a continued mud racking from its team of social media hit men.

While the Umatuna Si Yu'os shared this picture front and center of this weekend edition, right next to an article about voting according to Catholic values.
They could not have chosen a better picture to highlight the conundrum, we are facing thanks to the poor decisions and positions of these two priests.
This blog has often shown, how Fr Jeff  (now the Vicar General) has the bad habit of sitting on the fence on many issues, rather than taking the right and courageous position, as a true priest should.
Fr Jeff always edge his bets, this is why in many ways he cannot be trusted as far as you can throw him. In his case that would be a difficult task for even the best trained athlete.
He is also well known for taking credit for the work others have laid out before him.
He is the perfect case of a career priest
A sadder and even more disheartening case is Pale Mike, a highly likeable individual, with a friar Tuck quality, which unfortunately is compensated by an almost pathological need for recognition.
This makes him accept every mission, and work that he judges as being good for his image.
Unfortunately his limited capacity at handling the tasks he accepted, makes him a perfect candidate for being manipulated and influenced.
The Therese Arroyo Mantanane incident is a perfect illustration of this situation.
  Lately, I have been asked multiple times, why Archbishop Byrnes did not involved himself in this election cycle, by at least giving guidelines to his troops.
My answer is always the same.
You cannot ask an individual, who knew almost nothing of Guam two years ago, to navigate the complex and often intricate ins and outs of Guam politics.
This is why he smartly decided to stay out of the fray, and instead relied on his local priests to take the right positions on the issues at stake.
Unfortunately two of these actors, are some of the most unreliable and least wise about navigating this ocean full of sharks.

LLG and the Neos know very well how to twist arms (BOG owns most of the loans to the Archdiocese), and how to influence people. It is not always pretty and nice, but it is a tough game to play. The Neos being the perfect body snatchers out here, Lou and the NCW were a perfect match to run the kind of corrupt campaign she had to run, to be able to win.

Having thought that they had sidelined both Tenorio and Aguon, LLG and her evil team are now forced to double down for an inch by inch progression.
The frustration was apparent during some of her public interventions, where she started loosing her cool, and making some disturbing derogatory remarks based on the most vile identity politics.
Her voice reaching at times a high pitch shreek, more in line with a disturbed street person.
The stress is starting to show, and it does not give a good portrait of the cool needed for someone pretending to the higher executive position of our island.
There is even a viral joke, going around online about Lou's antics.
Even the personal intervention of Pale Mike, who eagerly celebrates private masses for the pro abortion candidate, invoking the protection of our Holy Virgin Mother, does not seem to have a calming effect on poor Lourdes.

As Catholics one can be disturbed to see both Pale Mike and Pale Jeff celebrating a funeral mass for the rest of the souls of the victims of the latest abortions, while they are helping and facilitating the
most rabid advocate of abortion on Guam.

All this lack of moral bearing from our priests, people we would expect to have our best interest in mind, can be trace to thirty years of deep moral perversion and religious decay tied to the disgraced Anthony Sablon Apuron.

If you want to make a difference this upcoming Tuesday, to continue cleaning our church as well as stopping more corruption and power grabbing by the Neos.
You'll know who not to vote for. 


  1. I hope all of you watch the movie "Gosnell," about the trial of the abortionist who was successfully convicted of murder after it was proved he had killed babies born alive. It is playing at the Micronesia Mall theaters. It is factual, well-acted, shocking and gripping. I wish all pro-abortion advocates could be made to watch it.

    1. Excellent comment Melinda, the movie is gripping and does not let you any doubt about the horror of abortion.