Monday, January 28, 2019


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Over the past few months, people who like to observe how the main stream medias operate, could not avoid noticing, a renewed offensive on everything and anything Catholic.

I will grant you that it is not done in the old fashioned crude way of the late 19th or early 20th century, which led to signs at the entrance of public bars reading ugly signs like

" no Micks, no Spics, no Dagos"

For those too young to remember these dark days, or those who have been brainwashed otherwise by their marxist professors, it means: "no Irish, no Mexicans, no Italians".
These were true racial slurs  that were quite common all the way to the late 70s and early 80s.

It also meant in a devious way no Catholics. Because it was widely considered, that people hailing from these countries were all Papists.

If one traveled throughout the midwest, the southwest, or the deep south , these sentiments were quite common.

In fact the hate group of reference for all SJW today: the KKK
openly hated three major groups:
"Negros, Catholics and Jews"

Being Catholic in some quarters of the country was very dangerous.
Father Coyle was one of many example of that hate, as he was murdered 
in Birmingham Alabama by a Southern Methodist Minister and Klansman.
The murderer was defended by five lawyers, four of them Klansmen, The seating judge was also a Klansman. The lead attorney Hugo Black was to become a Supreme court Justice and a leading Klansman.
The murderer was acquitted for reasons of isanity. 
Catholics in Alabama but also in other states were often targeted by the KKK until late in the 50s.
It is not until 2012 that Bishop Willimon of the Southern Methodist Church presided over a service of reconciliation and forgiveness.

While in these States the opposition to the Catholic Church was mainly the fact of democrats, and their officials. In the northern and eastern states, it was the republicans who opposed the Church.
The main reason being, that in these areas the democrats needing votes embraced the newly arrived Irish, German, Poles and Italians, in order to get elected to office. 

Republicans were especially virulent against the first Catholic candidate to the US presidency:
in 1928 Al Smith became the first Catholic to be nominated for President by a major party.
His nomination became a main focal point for Lutheran and Southern Baptist ministers. All Fundamentalist churches were against him.
Ultimately Republican Edgar Hoover( a Quaker) was elected.

All throughout these years, the medias (written and radio) were quite rabid on these issues, as they were controlled by mostly WASP interests.
Here on Guam, the Catholic Church also suffered from these policies coming from the USA.
One of the most controversial issues before WWII in the US was the issue of parochial schools.
In 1922, Oregon passed Oregon law Section 5259, the Compulsary Education Act. Its main aim was to eliminate parochial schools, mostly catholic's.
This led to an indignant Catholic Church leading the charge against the law, which ultimately the Supreme Court ruled in Pierce vs Society of Sisters (1925) in favor of parochial schools.

Somehow,as Guam was not a territory, and Chamorros were not citizens, the leaders of the Naval administration resisted any attempt to open parochial schools. Instead they promoted naval schools. The Naval administrators first expelled the Spanish missionaries, then they outlawed all religious celebrations outside of Sundays. They brought in protestant  ministers, and they also promoted the installation of the Red Cross and the Young Men League as counter powers to the established Catholic groups.

The strong opposition of Naval administrators to open parochial schools on Guam, was also at the center of their refusal to allow orders of Catholic Sisters to settle here until after WWII.

Most Naval cadre personnel at the time were Easterners with strong White Anglo Saxon Protestant backgrounds. Indeed there was a strong tradition for certain families to make a career in the Navy for several generation. These people brought in their know how, but also their biases. The main one being a strong anti-Catholic sentiment.
The Naval officer corps between the two world wars reflected the private clubs of the USA:
 No Colored, No Jews, no Catholics, and no Women.

We will have to wait the post world war II era to start seeing timid changes in these attitudes on Guam. It also is why a large part of the population had high regards for the Church, which many saw as an advocate for Chamorros versus the Naval administration.
It would take two bad Bishops to put a dent in that view.

Archbishop Apuron while posing as a beacon of orthodoxy, was in fact quite the opposite.
He systematically paid lip service to key societal issues, and had third parties do the heavy lifting for him against local politicians who chipped away at the core belief of Catholic societal dogma.
This is how we ended up with a cadre of wishy washy priests, many of whom lived and still live, contrary to the vows they took.
What Apuron and others like him on the mainland failed to realize, is that all the gains Catholics made, only came against adversity and long fights carried by courageous bishops, priests and faithful. Our actual policy of being nice to our enemies, and trying to woo them with good intention, has instead only brought us more deriding and persecution

Guam's Media, being the mirror of the mainland media, never miss an occasion to continue to chip away at Catholic reputation. The latest incident of the Kentucky schoolchildren and their coverage of the hearings for new judges appointment to the federal court, is very revealing of that bias.

While some individual journalists do adhere to the basic rules of neutrality, many see personal opportunities in favoring some local power brokers, at the expanse of the truth.
Other have gone as far as destroying the reputation of good people in order to advance their agenda.
The NCW whose leaders are very astute in the art of disinformation, have capitalized greatly of this situation. Why not? After all, they are not the ones who created this! We did.

It is our lack of courage at confronting fake news, biased news, which has allowed many of these charlatans to get away with the distasteful work they engage in. 

Perhaps it is time, we start confronting these evil doers and call them to task.

We shall always be the target of bias and persecution, but we do not have to stand by idly.


  1. The political situation on Guam is still somewhat against Christianity...

    1. Guam is a paradox in many ways. While the population at large is still honestly very religious, two groups of individuals are at work, against the Catholic institutions, (because it is the largest one) but also against all Christian denomination in general because Christianity is at best an hindrance to their agenda, at worst Christianity is an enemy to their ultimate goal.
      What is interesting, is that our relative geographical isolation, has somewhat protected us from the likes of the Cuomo of this world and the radically anti religious left.
      The radical left was closed to inexistent just a few years ago on Guam, but it has made some sizeable inroads thanks to a cadre of high school teachers and UOG professors, who are embraced and glorified, despite their messages of hate.
      This would not have been possible without the aiding and abetting of a substantial number of our traditional politicians. Mostly, but not limited to the democratic party who has foolishly embraced the pervasive ideas of identity politics. There are also quite a selection of so called republicans who have ( like in the US) pretended to defend traditions and families, but have de facto helped the advocates of the culture of death all around us.
      The fact that we had a very weak and corrupt Archbishop during 30 years has facilitated these "evolution" which are in fact a regression towards the law of strongest, without real consideration for the meek and the poor. The local media in its large majority is responsible to a large degree for the dissemination of these ideas, which are advanced under the guise of modernization.