Saturday, March 30, 2019


(Posted by frenchie)

The Neocats are bordering on mental illness.
While we have been told, ad nauseum, judge us by the fruits we produce, it is clear that not only do the Neos aid and abet sexual abusers, knowingly, but their delusions are also driving some of their members to be totally consumed by hate and being vengeful.

I am going to highlight several comments that I have not allowed through earlier, because of the amount of hate and pure nastiness.

One thing that is particularly disturbing is the fact, that these messages, like many which I did not allow on other posts, are all the work of one deranged individual.

Make yourself the judge of what we receive everyday, from this one single nasty person, who most likely portrays himself as a good Catholic.

I shall take two examples, one regarding our request for prayers for John Toves, the other
regarding the vindication of the founder of this site.

For a better understanding, I shall separate the two subject, so it is more easy to follow.

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