Tuesday, March 12, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)

Love him or hate him, depending on where you fall in the political debate, President Trump has changed forever the way we look at the media around us.
His relentless attack on the Mainstream medias as "Fake News", certainly leaves no one on the sidelines. Some get very irritated by his constant pounding of his arch enemies, and their mouth pieces in what is called for lack of a better word the Press Corp.
Other are feeling quite amused by the same antics, and relish to see what amounts to a caste of pontificating moralizers, getting challenged by a man, that never backed out of a good fight. 

As a result of not being able to trust our traditional  media sources, because of their very partisan approach , many have turned to what has been described as "alternative" medias.

I have written several times about that conundrum we are facing.
Here on Guam the two major newspapers, are the Post and the PDN
They respectively are part of the Washington Post group for the Post,
and the USA Today group for the PDN.
This explains their constant engagement on the left side of the debate. It also explains, why they choose to run some stories, and ignore others.

On the TV side, KUAM is the main player on Guam.
On the radio, several local actors are quite influential: 
Many people listen to Patty Arroyo in the Morning, or to Ray Gibson.
Who they invite, and how they present their questions influence greatly how people view things.

The result of this situation, is that the local community is highly influenced by the positioning of the few local media actors, on one subject or the other.

If someone understood that well, it was Apuron, who maximized the situation to influence opinion one way or another, depending on his needs.
This is one of the many reasons he got away with his abuse of authority and was able to cover up his sexual sins for such a long time.

If not for the alternative medias, like this blog, the truth about Apuron would not have come out. 
The local journalists only reported the findings the internet sleuth unearthed, but never did much of the investigative work. When they finally published what could no longer be hidden, it was because it fitted a larger narrative in the groups they are associated with.
(the enemies of my enemies are my friends)

Of course the Neocats knew that all along, and probably taught a thing or two to their straw man Apuron. We have seen over the last two years their extensive reach in the media, and how they co-opted several well established outlets, for their own benefits.
Their conversion to politics after their rather embarrassing set-back in the Archdiocese, went a lot smoother that people might have anticipated.

Unfortunately politics are a very dirty business. Lou knew that because she had been a senator in a previous life. Plus, as the the CEO of BOG, she was privy to a multitude of information regarding most of the who's who of Guam. 
(sorry for the oxymoron)
It is not surprising at all, that the Neocats and their organization, did all they could to get close to the inner sanctum of the BOG.
In Malta the people often refer to the Neos as the Octopus
This is where things get interesting.

Last week a local Blog: the Guamblog, was the first one to reveal the tit for tat in the fake News/ hit job on Tim Rohr, which was engineered by then KUAM major reporter: Kristal Paco, in May of last year. Because of the legal challenges he has faced, this basically side lined Tim until now.  Kristal and her companion have both been the recipients of cushy and well paid jobs in the LLG administration. It looks like despite their best efforts at brown nosing, both Marchesseault, and Therese Mantanane, were bitten to the wire by Kristal.
Perhaps this episode has inspired some at KUAM, who have picked up the flag from our fake news scooper. We can see, that several players have jockeyed to put themselves into the race to step in her shoes.
So few places, and so many candidates!

The title of the revelations is A paco lypse
Don't get me wrong, while I denounced Guamblog for their jumping on the ugly bandwagon against the poor kids of the Covington Catholic high school, they surely are an endless source of interesting gossips. (they also uncovered the involvement of our favorite Neo Lawyer, crazy Jacke, in the coverup of our current Lt governor's sister in criminal misdeeds a few years back.)
I guess birds of a feather, stick together.

We have often argued that the Neos often use the dirty secrets of the people they back to get them to play ball with them. Looks like our new Lt Governor, did not want us to learn about his sister.
While I personally cannot condone the nastiness of these revelations during the Lenten period,
the revelations are none the less very important.
It shows that Tim was the Target of a hit Job to defame him and destroy his reputation.

What is more disturbing is that the local media, has the information and the documentation that could exonerate Tim, but they choose to keep it under wrap.

To see, the details go Here
then go on the March 7: Troy house of secrets Pt.2

It is sad to see that the only media willing to uncover the truth on this issue is Guamblog. Simply we are lucky to have an alternative to the representative of the main stream media on island.


  1. That's right idiot no comment The bishops innocent

    1. Ah! something new! another loving Neo, gracing us with his mental diarrhea ..... always the denial, and the insult to cap it all....
      So predictable its boring.

    2. Idioto,
      If innocent why was he removed from office, & replaced, & exiled. You are clearly brainwashed, or just plain estúpido.

  2. No need to defame, Tim's reputation speaks for itself.

    1. well anon at 4.04pm, if you were right, why then do you feel compelled to continue defaming.
      As for Tim reputation it is still stellar, despite the best efforts of your ilks to destroy his familly and attempt to destroy him as a person. When you have to resort to running fake news/hit piece in the Media to tarnish him, it is because you are worried and want to take him out of the picture.
      The level of your stupidity is only match by your level of hatred.

  3. So are you saying Tim's daughters are liars?

    Bet you won't post this frenchie...

  4. Well courageous anon at 12.17: Lying is a sin, ultimately they shall have to face the final judgement. Remember: "Thou shall not bear false testimony"
    For the rest, if I was in their shoes, I would be more worried about perjury.

  5. Frenchie,
    I a bit confused... How do we determine that Tim's daughters are lying? Maybe its true or maybe its not. But is the same for when the people accuse the bishop?

    1. Dear "I a bit confused." There will be a trial.