Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Last Friday it was announced that the Yona property had been sold at auction, under the hospices of the Federal Court.

The winning bid was $6.1million  which was an increase of a quarter of a million dollars compared to the highest previous bid.
The Guam daily Post let us know that the winning bid was put in by a group called
Bside Partners, and that they were a "multi family real estate firm"
Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Junglewatch went in, to dig a little deeper for our readers.

Here is what we have found.

Bside Partners is actually a Domestic Limited Liability  Company incorporated in the State of Georgia. 
It's legal address is 335 Summerlin Dr , Alpharetta, GA 30005
The company was officially incorporated on 06/25/2018

Its registered Agent Name is Eric Weiss.
Adress 260 Peachtree St, NW Suite 2700 Atlanta GA30303

This is a prestigious address in downtown Atlanta rigt next to the internationally known CCC,
the Capital City Club , which is the place where the who's who of Atlanta meets for lunch.

Mr Weiss is a partner at the also famous law firm of  Schulten Ward Turner and Weiss LLP.

The Managing Member of Bside is Mr Stephen Klee who has an extensive background in accounting, management and development of investment properties.

Their specialty is the conversion of properties and their development.

According to their portofollio they intend to transform the Yona property in a condominium area geared towards famillly leaving. They usually include activities that are sold as a focal point to the development.

If we find anything new before the closing we shall let you know.

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