Thursday, August 19, 2021


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What is going on in the Archdiocese?
When Archbishop Byrnes first arrived on Guam, he made the solemn promise that he would be running a transparent administration, unlike his failed predecessor.
Move forward 5 years, and we are still waiting for this transparency.

Whenever one has a question forwarded to the communication office, held by a holdover from the Apuron administration, the best you can expect is an adknowledgement email. Yet, you better not hold your breath, because you would get blue in the face, and nothing would happen. 

When was the last time we got an official communication outside of the occasional letter from Byrnes to the faithful? When was the last press conference?
So far, it looks like the Chancery's communication strategy, is the same as the NCW on Guam:
Radio silence.
So lets make it public:
Where has Fr. Richards flown to, just after a few days of returning to Guam? And Why?

Where is Msg. James? Is he all right?


Is Fr. Mike Crisostomo kept in his functions, despite the many questions surrounding him?

Lets find out if the Chancery under Archbishop Byrnes is really transparent as Archbishop Byrnes promised it would be, or if it is the same old machine run by Apuron and his stooges.

Better yet, is the Archdiocese of Agana going to be run like the Archdiocese of Detroit, where lies and deceptions are so common, it no longer shocks anyone?


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