Thursday, May 12, 2022


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Pope Francis

who is supposed to be the shepperd of the whole Catholic Church, betrayed the Chinese Catholics a couple of years ago, while the world was in the lock down generated by the campaign of fear provided by the Wuhan virus pandemic.


After sending his chief of the Vatican diplomatic corp, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, (the former best friend of Cardinal Filoni, before becoming his worst enemy) to the People's Republic of China, Francis reached a secret agreement with the Communist Government. Something that no other Pontiff  had done before. Even the least intelligent of them had a profound understanding of the intrinsic  evil represented by the Communist doctrine.

Perhaps it was George Bergoglio's past as an activist in the Peronist movement in his native Argentina that blurred his judgement.

Perhaps it was the embrace that his order gave to the doctrine of the Liberation theology, which had earned  one of its main proponent, Jesuit Jon Sobrino to be publicly rebuffed by then Cardinal Ratzinger

Only God and George Bergoglio know for sure. But the end result is a shameful accord with the totalitarian regime of Xi Xinping.


This accord was strongly denounced by Hong Kong Archbishop Emeritus  Cardinal Zen, the de facto leader of the Chinese Catholic Community. A man of great moral presence. Small of stature and at times looking frail, he is actually a giant among the dwarfs of the Vatican.

We learned that yesterday evening the Hong Kong Police detained the now 90 years old Cardinal under sedition charges and working for a foreign power.

The most disturbing about this whole episode, is that just last week, the Cardinal despite his advanced age had traveled to the Vatican to ask for an audience with Francis. But Francis was too busy planting trees and lecturing Catholics on Global Warming to be bothered  by such menial issues, and refused to meet with the Cardinal. Upon his return to Hong Kong the Cardinal was arrested by the Communist regime goons.

Is it me? Or is this strangely similar to the kiss of Judas in the Garden of olives? The parallel is disheartening.

You can see more information from the Remnant by clicking here

It looks like the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima have fell on deaf ears. At a time when the pagan hordes that advocate for Abortion for the murder of innocent unborn children, are fire bombing women pro life offices, tagging Catholic Churches and desecrating said churches, while threatening harm to the supreme court justices; with the full acquiescence, if not encouragement from Catholics in Name Only like President select Biden, or the old vampire Nancy Pelosi .


Here on Guam Lou Leon Guerrero the most ardent pro Abortion advocate on island is running for a second term, while her head of "women affairs" continues her relentless and disgusting advocacy for the murder of innocent  children, while continuing to received communion.


The silence of the Bishops, including the one of Rome is absolutely deafening. Do not be fooled, the persecution of Catholics in particular, and Christians in general is coming at great speed towards us.

It is time to pick up the gaunlet and say no to this evil.

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