Tuesday, July 19, 2022


 Kandit News just posted this story:

Whistleblower Carmelite....

Something was never quite right about "Dawn Marie's" stated reason for departing Guam after fifty years. 

“As (Mother Dawn) Marie tells it, the decision to relocate came after a series of events that eventually resulted in what she called a ‘toxic environment’ that made it too difficult for the nuns to continue in their way of life.” - Pang, Neil. “‘Toxic Environment,’ Carmelites explain departure from Guam.” Guam Daily Post. Nov. 16, 2016


Isn’t the whole charism of contemplative orders such as the Carmelites to war against the “toxic environment” of this fallen world by their very presence and way of life in the very midst of the “toxic environment” left us by the fall of our first parents?

Isn't this the reason "our" Carmelites were invited to Guam in the first place in 1966?

And the “environment” of the Catholic Church in Guam was NEVER more “toxic” than it was in 2016 when the accusations against Apuron first began to surface: casting Guam's Catholic Church into its deepest and most terrible, "toxic" crisis. 

And it was in the midst of this CRISIS that the same "Dawn Marie" abandoned Guam and all its Faithful, many of whom (and their families) had sacrificially supported "our" Carmelites for decades. 


Why is Mother Dawn now in Neocat-friendly Boston and NOT with her nuns...the nuns from Guam who she appears to have abandoned to (dumped at) a "home" in California:

“After 50 years of prayer for the island's faithful, the Carmelite order celebrated their final mass on June 14 of this year and, the next day, left for their new home in California, Marie said yesterday.” - ibid

As their prioress, Mother Dawn was consecrated to protect and provide for those nuns, many of whom are long-suffering daughters of Guam, and who were given no voice about their uprooting and being deposited and ultimately abandoned (by Dawn) on the other side of the world. 

But now "Dawn" is running free in neocat-friendly Boston. 


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  1. As the saying goes, "Action speaks louder than words." The truth always comes out one way or another.