Thursday, September 29, 2022



Joe Biden is a self proclaimed Catholic who advocates for the murder of unborn children. He has a propensity to lecture the country on a whole range of what he believes are moral markers, which he has a tendency not to abide to.

One of a growing and disturbing trend of the Biden administration, under the direction of a former nominee for the Supreme Court, who is now the Attorney General of the United States has been the weaponization of the Justice Department and of the FBI against perceived opponents of the President and his Party.

The latest victim of this dangerous trend is a Catholic Father of 7 children, who is anti-abortion.

Just a few days back, this peaceful and principled man, was awaken at his house in the early hours of the morning by a squad of jack boot, heavily armed SWAT team of the FBI, who was serving a warrant for his arrest, regarding a misdemeanor incident that took place months ago in the Philadelphia area.

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If you thought that the persecution of Catholics for being witnesses of their faith only happened in third world countries, or in Muslim areas, and that the US Constitution was protecting your right to worship, and express yourself. This should be a rude awakening of what has happened to these freedoms over the last two years.

Most of us should have understood that the far leftist that took over the DNC have a deeply rooted hatred for Christians in general, and Catholics in particular, when they used the Covid pandemic to close places of worship, and forbade us to worship, which are  fundamental rights the government is not supposed to infringe upon.

Here on Guam, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, abused her emergency powers to erect military checkpoints on major roadways, and weaponized the DPHSS to close churches.

The leaders of  the Catholic Church remained silent for way too long, until the pastor of Victory Chapel refused to follow the order, and when Fr Paul Gofigan in an homily (on a livestream that went viral, and taken by alternate medias like kandit news) ranted that if you could go to Kmart, the grocery stores and Home Depot because they were deemed essential businesses, churches were also essential for the well being of the faithful. Only then did Archbishop Byrnes intervened and the DPHSS negotiated a process to reopen the churches.

The damage was done none the less, and Lou Leon Guerrero and her anti christian acolytes in her administration had dealt a blow to Catholics and their families, all over Guam. The consequences on Children, families and our elders are still felt today.

Remember this when you go to vote for the next Governor of Guam, do not let people who like Joe Biden and Lou Leon Guerrero pretend to be Catholic, but actually oppose all what the Church stands for, abuse your goodwill. Remember that the most prominent advocate of infanticide on Guam is the current governor.  Come judgement day Our Father might ask you: "what have you done with your talent"?

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  1. Thank you Frenchie. Stay on them. Meanwhile, we remind ourselves Biden, Pelosi, etc. are "symptoms," skin eruptions on a very sick body, which is today's Catholic Church. Not the real Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. But the "church of nice," a church which refuses to teach, to warn, to call to repentance.