Friday, November 18, 2022


Posted by Tim Rohr

As we know, Apuron, while having been removed as Archbishop of Agana and prohibited from ever returning to Guam (by the Vatican), was never laicized and remains a bishop in the Catholic Church. 

The bottom line is that Ordination, like Baptism, "imprints" an indelible mark on the soul. And thus even a priest who has been laicized (removed from active ministry) remains a priest for eternity. 

Thus, Apuron will always be a priest, even if he is laicized ("defrocked"). Whether or not he will always be a bishop is beyond the scope of my present research, but for now, we know that the Vatican has not removed him from the episcopacy. So while he is not "Archbishop Apuron," he remains "Bishop Apuron."

Like most of us, I didn't know what that meant...and, at the time of his removal (2018), didn't really care. However, in listening to this...

The Holy Priesthood and the Cities of Refuge

...I think I have a better understanding. 

At about 3:40 into the recording, the priest (name unknown) says: 

Any consecrated bishop can validly ordain, even a degraded bishop can ordain…he has the power. And it’s valid. That’s why…they should be very careful who they choose as a bishop. 

The priest is not speaking of Apuron, or even of any bishop in particular, but of the episcopacy generally, and the power of that office.

Relative to the "Where is Tony?" question:

Knowing the cunning and craftiness of the Neocat Generals - once they realized that retaining Apuron as Archbishop of Agana was a lost cause - it is quite probable to assume that they worked through their Vatican insiders to get Apuron "the H" out of Guam - where the facts were cascading against him - and then functionally hand him over to the Neocats where "even a degraded bishop can ordain," which is all they wanted him for anyway, i.e. to manufacture their army of cloned clerics. 


A SIDE NOTE: I recently spent nearly 4 months in the U.S Territory of the Virgin Islands. While there, a certain priest with a beard, a youngish guy with a distinctive Italian accent, began showing up and concelebrating Masses I attended. 

One day, the pastor of the parish approached me for no reason other than I was a stranger. I used the opportunity to inquire more about the "priest with the accent." Sure enough. The pastor confirmed that the new priest was a Neocat and, via the VI's new bishop, had been assigned to the VI by the Neocat supporting Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, who had once been the bishop of the VI. 

I couldn't help but put 2 and 2 together. RMS, having been recently ousted from now looking for a new home. And by now, has probably found one. 


  1. Hi, this post contains an inaccuracy, the priests of the Neocatechumenal Way are -obviously- ALWAYS ordained by the ordinary where the seminary is located, which is the only one that, following a proposal from the rector, has the faculty to admit to sacred orders, according to the canonical and administrative provisions of the Holy See. Greetings from Abruzzo.


    1. Thank you for your comment. However, given the history of the NCW in Guam, we have no reason to believe that the NCW adheres to any hierarchy but its own.

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