Friday, November 11, 2022


Posted by Tim Rohr 

For several years I have been urged to write a book about the happenings in the Archdiocese of Agana from approximately 2013 to the present. As the ugliness is still ongoing (the archdiocesan bankruptcy, settlement with the victims, and Apuron's personal trial - which is yet to happen), I am holding off. However, as I sort through old communications that led up to the present "ugliness," I see no reason not to share some of it now. Following is an email from 2016 between myself and a Vatican official. Redacted for now:

From: Tim Rohr []
Sent: Montag, 27. 
Juni 2016 21:33
Subject: [REDACTED


I believe [VICTIM] emailed this you earlier but she wasn't sure if she sent it correctly and asked me to email to you. 


I spoke with [VICTIM] after her meeting with Archbishop Hon today. His advice was just to forgive and that "everybody makes mistakes." She also related the account of her friend who was raped by [NAME OF PRIEST REDACTED]. Hon told her the same thing.


I believe [NAME OF PRIEST REDACTED] rape victim will have a statement soon and may be going public. 





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