Monday, December 19, 2022


 Fr. Frank Comments on Latest Developments

My Note: In the 90's, several U.S. Bishops, particularly then-Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Archbishop of Los Angeles, tried to oust Mother Angelica and shut down EWTN. The same cabal is going after Fr. Pavonne. However, it may be that Pavonne has purposely picked a fight with the Vatican for the purposes of drawing its corruption out into the street where everyone can see. 

In some ways, if this is what Pavonne is doing, the Vatican should take note of how Apuron went down. 

Had Apuron (or more likely his handlers) quietly sat down and worked things out with first, Fr. Paul, and then, Msgr. James, JungleWatch would not have much to report about and Apuron might still be the man on the hill. Instead, Apuron issued damning decrees and went public, giving JW huge opportunities to draw the fight out into the street. 

Even those who first accused Apuron of sexually abusing them did not want to go public. They just wanted to meet with him privately and get the apology they had been waiting their whole lives for. Instead, Apuron threatened to sue them and then ran away. 

And then "there was Hon," that is the Apostolic Administrator, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, who can be directly credited for driving this archdiocese into bankruptcy, when, instead of accepting the fact that there were real problems here, he mocked and belittled Apuron's accusers - most likely upon orders from his boss in the Vatican (Filoni) - leaving those accusers and those who supported them no option but to pursue a secular remedy. 

And even then, Hon continued his campaign to silence the accusers by using the pulpit at Sunday masses to lobby the governor to veto the bill that eventually would lead to our church's bankruptcy. The abuse of the pulpit in this way drove the supporters of the bill to be even more extreme in their support. Then-Governor Calvo saw this and signed it into law. 

All of this could have been avoided had pastors actually been pastors instead of the power-driven bureaucrats like the ones that are now going after Pavonne. But they better watch out. Pavonne has his own version of JungleWatch. And if they really are kicking Pavonne out of the priesthood, then his power to expose them will multiply exponentially. 

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