Friday, December 16, 2022


By Tim Rohr

Congrats to the author, sponsors, and backers of the Heartbeat Bill. It passed today in a vote of 8 to 7. 

The Heartbeat bill was conceived, authored, and introduced at a time no one could have imagined Roe being overturned; so legislation, like the Heartbeat Bill, was the best we could constitutionally hope for. 

And, even though Roe was overturned by Dobbs in June 2022, opening the door for a complete ban on abortion, by then the Heartbeat Bill had already been introduced and deposited into the legislative machinery.

Meanwhile, opponents have nothing to worry about. Governor LLG is eager to veto it and there are not ten votes to override her veto. So everyone wins in the end. The supporters get to claim a victory and the opponents get to shut it down. In fact, the probability of this scenario was probably always known by the smarter heads in the Legislature which may be why they just let it go through. 

With the installation of the 37th Guam Legislature, the real test begins. For nearly fifty years there has never been an opportunity to introduce legislation to completely outlaw the killing of innocent, defenseless, helpless human beings - which is what abortion does. But now there is.

Perhaps the incoming AG will be successful in lifting the injunction on Belle's Law, and maybe he won't. It doesn't matter. The Legislature is free to pursue completely new legislation to fully outlaw the aforesaid killing. 

Let's see who will do it. 

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