Saturday, December 10, 2022


By David Sablan, President, Concerned Catholics of Guam, Inc.

Life is a gift from God.  We should nurture and cherish it and live it to its fullest in accordance with God’s laws.  

When the first sin was committed, Adam and Eve “hid” from God.  Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent for tempting her to disobey God’s only commandment in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:8-13).  

Pro-abortion advocates “hide” the reality of what abortion is and how it is performed in the removal of a developing human being in a mother’s womb.  They use soft terms like “Pro-Choice” to describe the killing of an innocent, developing human being so you do not focus or visualize what truly is happening.  

Why?  Because it is murder.  It is ugly, horrific, and heinous.  People avoid the “Light” when what they do, knowingly, is wrong, illegal, criminal, or evil.  They hide from the Light and hide the truth.  They hide the killing of the child in the womb by saying the child is “part” of the mother’s body, and the mother is responsible for her body.

Abortion is a selfish act on the part of the mother.  It is encouraged by others who say that women should not be told how to take care of or what to do with their bodies.  Mothers should be free to decide if they do not want to be mothers.  However way they try to hid the truth, abortion is still murder. 

A developing human in a mother’s womb is not part of the mother’s body.  It is a separate human entity.  That’s science.  DNA’s may be derived from the mother and father, but that developing human is completely separate from a woman’s body.

There are those who believe and have said that abortion should not be addressed in a religious or faith context; we should only discuss it in the context of science.  I disagree.  Laws and practices of Man should never exceed the boundaries clearly laid out in the Laws of God (His ten Commandments). 

God’s plan is for the mother to provide nourishment from conception to the birth of the child, and hopefully, over the course of the gestation period, the mother will develop the love needed to care for her child after birth even if the baby is not 100% healthy.  If the mother is not emotionally capable, adoption is the next best option, even if the child has any disability.  Children increase the love of the mother or of an adoptive parent or parents.  This is the essence of God’s Love that can change selfish hearts to be capable to GIVE His Love to others—which is His 2nd greatest commandment:  Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  

 The newly elected Attorney General of Guam Doug Moylan has said he is going to remove the injunction on the late Belle Arriola’s Anti-Abortion Bill that became Public Law 20-134 in the 20th Guam Legislature (enacted into law in 1990—over 32 years ago).  This law was unanimously supported by 21 Senators and signed into law by Governor Joseph Ada.  That is pretty impressive.  It is also a miracle that this law remained dormant for 32 years.  It was never removed from the law books. But kept alive till now, when it can be truly the law of the land for Guam.

PL 20-134 prevents an abortion from conception.  This is exactly according to God’s law.  It does make it a crime for a mother to get an abortion (it’s a misdemeanor); but the abortionist will be committing a felony.  This is needed to make this law have teeth.  

Though we must be considerate of the mother if she conceived because of a rape or an incestuous act, let’s consider the living child as well in her womb, an innocent life, a creation and gift of God.  

As Christians we should be proactive to encourage doctors and healthcare workers to spread the information on adoption, and to let mothers-to-be understand the innocence of the life in their womb, even if conceived by rape or incest.  There is always a purpose for all of us in God’s great plan.  

When you look at abortions over the years since Roe v. Wade (1973), we have reached a point now where we are debating if an abortion can be performed in the third trimester of a baby’s development, up to a mother dilating ready to give birth to a baby (state of Virginia legislature, 2019). The Virginia state governor and others in the state legislature in 2019 stated that an aborted baby—not a zygote, embryo, or fetus—but a living baby can be left to die on a table after being “born” because the intent was to abort the child, not to make it live. 

It is not for us to decide who lives and who should not. It is for us to protect the children.  “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14.

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