Thursday, February 23, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and her pro-abort comrades (Atty. Vanessa Williams, Jayne Flores, et. al) continue, via their ACLU attorneys, to play the fear card.

From the Guam Daily Post:

Physicians on Guam are unwilling to provide abortion care and are afraid of retaliation for doing so, or for even being known to be formally affiliated with abortion providers, she added.

“It was a mistake for Mr. Pauluhn to suggest that physicians could just fly out to Guam to provide this care. They did want to try to do that, and they could not find any place that was willing to let them set up and actually provide the care because people were afraid,” Kolbi-Molinas said.

Let's clarify about what the in-person mandate requires. It requires only that a person seeking an abortion be given certain information. It does not require the person giving the information to perform the abortion. 

So what is there to be afraid of?


However, it's the only card LLG and the ACLU has.

So since "fear" is the only argument they have, then the OAG should argue that said "fear" be demonstrated, or at least that it cannot be demonstrated. Maybe Mr. Pauluhn did. I don't know. The story doesn't say. 

The fact is, of course, is that it is a lie. The local population embraces abortion as evidenced by a decade of abortion reports, and as also evidenced by the election and re-election of the most radical and public pro-abort in Guam's history, the governor herself. 

Several local doctors, including Annie Bordallo and Ellen Bez have already been very public about their support for abortion. So where's the fear? 

Are they afraid of the few people who stand on the sidewalk for an hour a week?

Of course they aren't. 


  1. We are to believe that those oh so violent old ladies protesting in Hagatna strike fear into the hearts of the young and strong, I guess.