Tuesday, February 7, 2023


From a PNC news story
Cardinal Paul Cordes and Professor Giuseppe Gennarini are on Guam to teach courses at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona.

By Tim Rohr

Continued from Part 1

It is quite a public matter that I (Tim Rohr) had much to do with what ended up being the bankruptcy of the Archdiocese of Agana. However, it's time for some history. 

Initially, this blog, JungleWatch, did nothing other than repost stories already in the news. And those stories were not about clergy sex abuse. They were about Archbishop Apuron's actions against Fr. Paul Gofigan and later about Apuron vs Msgr. James Benavente. 

In short, those stories were about Apuron's abuse of episcopal power to crush his own priests. But that is not even the real story. The real story is why Apuron did this. And of course that led JW to begin exposing the actors behind Apuron, the NCW power bosses, the Gennarini's et. al (which heretofore - in this series - shall be labeled "The Kiko's" - so named after NCW founder, Kiko Arguello, and to distinguish the NCW power bosses from sincere NCW members). 

There was no thought of clergy sex abuse in the early going. The only thought was Apuron's abuse of his office, which probably still wouldn't have been an issue but for the fact that it was becoming well-known that Apuron did not have control of his office and that his office - or rather Apuron personally - was in the control of The Kiko's.

All of this was laid out in the JW series ORCHESTRATED, but it is important to bring this back into focus because while the clergy sex abuse matter has almost completely obfuscated the original controversy with the The Kiko's, the matter with The Kiko's has never gone away. They are still here. And waiting. Waiting for another bishop they can control. 


Giuseppe Gennarini: "Persecution" on Guam is a grace. from UndercoverGuam on Vimeo.

To be continued - Part 3


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    1. You're looking at the biggest one in the video. The leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way starting with Kiko (Arguello), its founder.

  2. I think it's becoming obvious who the Kikos are rallying around. Wait for it....