Sunday, April 30, 2023


David Sablan, President of Concerned Catholics of Guam, is quoted in today's Guam Daily Post article "Advocates react to possible abortion vote."

 Mr. Sablan requests that JW publish his full comment to the Post as follows:


Hi Shane,

Thanks for your WhatsApp text message on the above subject matter.

I read Bill 106-37.

I do not agree with some of the findings and intent of this bill.  There

are mistakes and disinformation throughout the bill.

For example, the bill states that "many of our citizens believe that

abortion services are essential healthcare."  More correctly, there is

only a minority of Guam citizens who want abortion services, and most

certainly I would not classify abortion as "healthcare" when the murder of

a human life is involved in the process. Why do these abortion activists

never consider the developing baby in the mother's womb as a developing

human life.

Another point mentioned in the bill is, ". . . the US Supreme Court has

recognized the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy before fetal

viability. . . and after fetal viability where it is necessary, in the

good-faith medical judgment of the treating health care professional, for

the preservation of life or health of the person who is pregnant."

Where's the concern for the preservation of the life or health of the

person in the mother's womb?  It is an evil act to abort a human being.

We have no right to play God and determine who lives or not.  PL 20-134

clearly brings this matter to light for both the mother and the person

performing the abortion, making it a misdemeanor and felony, respectively.

The US Supreme Court decided in the Dobbs case in June 2020 that abortion

is NOT a constitutional right.  In that same case, the US Supreme Court

moved the decision on abortion to the individual states and territories.

We should wait for Attorney General Doug Moylan's appeal to overturn the

decision of the district court, denying his motion to remove the

injunction on Guam's PL 20-134 that was passed in 1990--unanimously by the

21 senators of the Guam Legislature at the time and signed into law by

Governor Joseph Ada--which prevented abortion from inception.

Now that the Dobbs decision by the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v.

Wade, PL 20-134 is the law for Guam now.  I believe Attorney General Doug

Moylan is doing the right thing to get PL 20-134 codified into Guam law.

In PL 20-134, there is a provision for a referendum by the people of Guam.

That referendum can be put on the ballot, once PL 20-134's injunction is


So, bill 106-37 is flawed with misinformation and disinformation, and not



/s/ David J. Sablan, President


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