Saturday, April 29, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Sens. Fisher and Barnes have introduced Bill 106-37

The bill begins by calling for a referendum on abortion. 

Given the recent news of AG Moylan's recommendation of a referendum to the Supreme Court relative to the status of P.L. 20-134 (Belle's Law), one might think that Fisher and Barnes are simply carrying through on Moylan's recommendation.

They aren't.

Under cover of a bill that begins by calling for a referendum is an entirely new abortion bill, the Health Protection Act of 2023; and the stated purpose of this brand new legislation is "to allow health care providers to provide abortion services without limitations..."

According to KUAM: "Fisher says the measure, called the 'You Decide' bill, takes no stance on the controversial issue." 

That's not true.

In the Act's Findings and Intent, Fisher and Barnes set forth probably the most pointed pro-abortion argument ever to appear in legislative print, especially in regards to their argument that "abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the United States." 

Yet Fisher tells us that he "takes no stance." 

I'd say "amazing" or "unbelievable," but such head fakes, if not outright in-your-face lies, are so common from the pro-aborts that there is nothing amazing or unbelievable about what they say or do. Even the name of the Act, Health Protection Act of 2023, is an in-your-face lie. 

Meanwhile, where are the so-called "pro-life" legislators? Where is your bill? Never mind the referendum. Don't be cowards. Get in there and force your colleagues to do their damn job. 


  1. Upon rereading and rereading and rereading the bill, it is astoundingly clear that Fisher and Barnes have written a bill that has to be the most far-reaching, radically pro-abortion piece of legislation currently before any legislature in any state or territory of the United States. Fisher and Barnes even throw out the ban on partial-birth abortion. It's cleverly worded under "Permitted Services." Congrats to Fisher and Barnes, the most pro-abortion legislators in the nation.

    1. If this passes and majority of "catholic-guam" vote yes (which they likely will) these senators can just wash their hands and say "well, the people voted for it." Cowards.

    2. Yes. It will pass. Guam isn't "Catholic." And hasn't been for a long while. In fact this bill is actually a referendum on the Catholic Church in Guam. Meanwhile, there are certain very Catholic people. They are the faithful remnant. And God will see.

  2. Fisher came out on The Point this morning and personally opined Dobbs is the worst decision made by the court and that he believes abortion is a constitutional right. I’m surprised to only find out his position on this AFTER he was elected. Wtf!

    1. If only he could be honest.