Wednesday, June 28, 2023


By Tim Rohr

"Looking at the large number of victims covered up for decades by the Guam Catholic Archdiocese, we are outraged by the innocence that was stolen by some of the most trusted men in our community and the damage it has done to so many families. We can only hope that reforms and promises made by the church will be effective to prevent any future occurrence." - Lt. Gov. Tenorio in his statement about the arrest of Adrian Cruz. (The full statement is on Kandit News.)

Well, first of all Mr. Tenorio, you're welcome. How many years did you know about these atrocities and did nothing? How about your uncle? And how many years did your boss know? She knows everything, right? She was Apuron's go-to girl for many years when Apuron needed money. 

In fact, in case you need reminding, after Apuron fled Guam, he was found cowering in a home in California owned by a VP of your boss's bank.

Accusers locate Apuron

Guam Daily Post, Feb. 1, 2017

"Lujan said his firm was able to establish that Apuron is residing in a home owned by John and Shirley Quitugua. Shirley B. Quitugua is listed as the vice president of the Bank of Guam’s San Francisco branch, according to the bank’s branch manager listing on the company website."

Apuron's atrocities were not hidden. Like your friend, Adrian, Apuron lived in a "can't touch me" class, and was quite certain he could molest, rape, and lie all the way to a red hat. He even bragged about it.

It was only because of the very few who stood up to Apuron and his monkey militia, and at great personal cost for some, that Apuron's house of horrors came tumbling down; and the victims you pretend to care so much about - but did nothing for -  can now finally see some glimmer of justice. So, yah, you're welcome. 

And P.S.

It wasn't the "Guam Catholic Archdiocese" who molested, raped, and covered up "the large number of victims," it was your boss's buddy.

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