Wednesday, July 5, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Currently, there is much being said about the movie SOUND OF FREEDOM starring Jim Caviezel.  

And that's a good thing. 

The movie draws much needed attention to the horror of child sex-trafficking, for which the United States is the world's largest customer. (See the above link.)

So how appropriate that the movie opened on the Fourth of July!

America, the land of the free and home of the brave, which is not only the world's largest consumer of child sex, but has as its president the world's most ardent chief executive calling for the killing of children in the womb. And a Catholic at that. 

Yah. Happy Fourth of July. 

But I digress. 

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've read enough to know what it's about. And it's about the kidnapping, trafficking, and sexual exploitation of underage children. 

That's horrible, and kudos to the real life heroes who have been risking their lives and families to fight this satanic war. (I know a bit about risking life and family to fight satanic wars.)

Meanwhile, and not to take away from the atrocity of truly sex-trafficked victims, the large majority of abducted children - who then become part of the "at risk" population for sexual exploitation - are victims of their own parents, or at least one of them.

Do we need to read that again? VICTIMS OF THEIR OWN PARENTS.

So while SOUND OF FREEDOM credibly sounds the alarm on "stranger-abducted children," 99% of THE REAL CROOKS are those children's own parents (SOURCE):

  • In the US, 2300 children are reported missing per day 
  • Strangers abduct less than 1% of missing children
  • Parents are accountable for over 90% of abductions

In case you have trouble with these facts and the source, here is reference to a controlling court case which makes reference to similar facts as far back as 1989:

Between 100,000 and 750,000 children are stolen from one parent by the other parent each year. L. Karp C. Karp, Domestic Torts: Family Violence, Conflicts Sexual Abuse, § 5.01 (1989). Often the parent who abducts the child is aided by friends and family. Id. Seventy percent of these children are never returned to their custodial parent. Note, Tortious Interference With Custody: An Action to Supplement Iowa Statutory Deterrents to Child Snatching, 68 Iowa L.Rev. 495, 495 (1983).

Larson v. Dunn, 449 N.W.2d 751, 754 (Minn. Ct. App. 1990)

As much as we want to join the outrage in what is presented to us in SOUND OF FREEDOM, the real outrage needs to be directed at our own U.S. Courts and the legal system which functionally and immediately criminalizes THE ABANDONED spouse and forces him (it is usually him) to fund (via child support) the real crook, i.e. the parent who makes off with the children, not because she wants them or loves them, but because she can and will use them to hurt the spouse she left or use the children as ransom in exchange for the marital property. 

And this is why we read (almost daily in Guam) about children being abused, molested, and/or raped by "the mother's boyfriend." 

So while child sex-trafficking in Honduras and Columbia makes for a good movie, the real movie is happening right here in Dededo, Agat, Yona, Tamuning, and "home sweet home."


  1. Everyone needs to read this post. I’m going to watch the movie. A few have recommended it to me.

  2. "Especially the mother's boyfriend."

    Mum's boyfriend - the worst sexual risk to children