Wednesday, November 22, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Anonymous on November 22, 2023 at 1:36 PM asks:

Michael Voris of Church Militant has fallen. Thoughts? 

Following is my reply:

I was an early supporter and premium subscriber of Voris and what was initially called RealCatholicTV (later Church Militant). 

On local radio and press, I was essentially doing the same thing as Voris - pointing out the unbelievable that was happening in our Church, though in my case, it was mostly about our local Church.

However, after awhile, I noticed that Voris’ best people appeared to be leaving, so I sensed something was wrong. More so though, I was growing tired of the constant negative - even though I was doing some of that myself. 

Plus, I didn’t like what appeared to be a rather ridiculous looking toupee that seemed to be purposely unkempt to hide that it was a toupee. (I don't know if it was or not, but if it wasn't, he should have at least combed his hair.)

So after a few years, I dropped my premium membership but still listened to him from time to time, though as time went on, I sort of felt that he was growing ever more radical to keep an audience. 

Then at one point, he did a whole segment on his homosexuality and past homosexual relations. It was well done actually. Voris' "coming out" was noted in a recent AP story

In 2016, Voris acknowledged that when he was younger, he had for years been involved in “live-in relationships with homosexual men” and multiple other sexual relationships with men and women, actions he later abhorred as “extremely sinful.”

In the same AP story, Voris is reported to have said: “I need to conquer these demons,” he said, adding that they are “like spiritual terror” to him. 

Given Voris' present resignation from Church Militant and the other stuff he's involved in, I can only assume that his homosexual past and passions have come back to haunt him. 

Homosexual or heterosexual, whichever: unless one is married to a person of the opposite sex and the nuptial act is absolutely open to new life (a baby), then sexual acts of any kind are mortally sinful. That’s the Catholic teaching anyway, though you won’t hear it much. 

So I don’t know about Voris. And per the AP story, he’s not talking. My guess is that like Fr. Corapi, Fr. Frank Pavonne, and so many others - including a number of EWTN personalities, pride and fame is an open door for demons.


  1. Thanks for the quick post. I came back to the church in the late 90s early 2000 much to the help of mother Angelica EWTN and the rebroadcast of Bishop Sheen’s show. Fr. Corapi was prominent and Fr. Pavone was in the national news fighting for the life of Teri Shiavo down in Florida. At this point I am not shock as to ‘did this really happen’ as to the ‘what took to so long’ reaction.
    It is hard in our faith to be…saintly…when all your peers and living mentors fall short.
    In todays world, I believe there is less excuse for culpability and concupiscence, especially for Catholics, but I don’t spike the ball in the end zone at the expense of their demise.
    Voris released a video, and in my opinion, was a sincere apology without needing the gory details. It was close to a public confession as one could get.
    I still listen to Patrick Coffin podcast Timothy Gordon, Fr, Pavone, and just recently subscribed to Christine Niles plus have David Zander’s Fr Paqua and Rev. Menezes in the que.
    In the end, my instincts, with all the turmoil and controversies, I know I’m in the right Church, the one true, apostolic Catholic Church because of all the sinners, including myself, present. It’s when, I believe, you are surrounded by holier than thou, questions should be raised.
    Happy Thanksgiving Tim.

    1. Thank you for your comments and your Thanksgiving wishes. I pretty much shy away from any online speaker or teacher who uses his or her face or name. So where do we go for authentic Catholic teaching. I go here:

    2. Thank you. I’ve placed it in my queue.

  2. I had a feeling it was Milo. Everyone stopped praying for Milo. Its everyones fault for not praying for our Champions INCLUDING MYSELF!!! im not even bumped out over michael voris i admire his zeal but if he falls ill pray he gets to confession. he is a layperson not a priest or a bishop. .