Friday, December 22, 2023


Forwarded to JungleWatch from David Sablan, President of Concerned Catholics of Guam, with a request to publish:

This document approved by Pope Francis is dangerous because it is trying to "define" the border between a Blessing of Repentance, which one receives in the Sacrament of Penance; and a General Blessing, which one receives at the end of Mass, for example.   That "border"  is too thin a line, and in the document too "gray" in its explanation.  The danger is one may construe (man is not perfect) that Blessing bestowed on same sex couples however way they want.  That "open door" is all the devil needs to convince the couple their living together or their sinful union is sanctioned by the Church through the Blessing of the priest or deacon.  

The crucial part of this document is:  It expects the Blessed to be on the same understanding of the Blessing as the priest or deacon.  

Here's a scenario of what I mean:  Before the priest bestows the Blessing on a same-sex couple, he explains what his Blessing is, why he is doing it, and what he expects the couple to take away from that Blessing, an enlightenment to live a celibate layman's life devoted to God.  But the devil tells the couple take the Blessing and flaunt it as an acceptance of the Church of your sinful lifestyle.  So the same-sex couple interprets the Blessing however way they want.  Scandals and confusion occurs in the family, the community, and before you know it, the Blessing's intent and purpose is distorted.  Devil wins.  Pope Francis needs to raise a high fence on the purpose of Blessings, and not just draw a border line on how to give a Blessing to same-sex couples.   Oy Vey.馃晩️馃檹馃徎

Further. . .One must first repent (the Sacrament of Penance in confession) and give up living with a same-sex partner, then the Blessing can be bestowed to strengthen one's resolve.  And continue to go to confession and Mass, and receive the Holy Eucharist to avail oneself of the great gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Mr. Sablan also provided the link to this video:

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