Thursday, December 14, 2023


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  • This title might sound like a philosophy subject for a High School Senior Paper. Sadly, in our moral vacuumed intellectual environment, it appears obvious that questions of morality, right and wrong are being lost by most of our neighbors and friends, who appear to be sucked in a Vortex of lies, innuendos, unverified news, which in turn are used to justify the unjustifiable.
The majority of our ancestors had a clear understanding of what is right and wrong. Should you were confused, you could always refer to the 10 commandments for simple referral. Our "sophisticated" society, in turn, made it its mission to convince people of the superiority of human science, and reasoning, which led us to where we are now. A rudderless society, with little to no bearing on important issues, like life and death (both as humans understand it, and as Jesus taught us)

This is very obvious with the lack of debate, or even the beginning of the framing of an argument, when it comes to the latest conflict to engulf the psyche of most of the world population.

Strangely it is yesterday's advocates of freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, and freedom of worship, who have morphed into mindless zombies, swallowing whatever nonsense, half truths and bold lies that are fed to us by a war propaganda machine, bent on justifying Ethnic cleansing and mass murders.

We certainly are very far from the teachings of Pope Pius XII about conflicts in the Holy Land. Most likely the large majority of Catholics don't even know what these teachings even are, just as they have no clue about the essential teachings of the Catholic Church.
To make it easy for the unwise, Pius XII made it clear, that any conflict on the Land of Jesus Christ could only be solved through peace and justice under God.

This is very far from the racist and racialist theories of Zionism, just as it is far from the heretical beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Except for their deference to Mary, which Our Lady of Lasalette prophetised would be their narrow way to salvation)
Meanwhile as in previous wars, horrors were attributed to Hamas, which so far have not been confirmed by either the ICC (International Criminal Court), the UN, or NGOs on the ground like Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, Human rights watch, and many others.
Accusations of mass rapes, beheading, burning of bodies and other atrocities, seem to fall along the same lines as the Butcha massacres, Timisoara, Kosovo, the weapons of mass destructions in Irak, the nursing babies of Koweit, or the mass murders of civilians by Khadafi, or Assad. Urban fables at best, plain bold lies at worse.

What thing is sure for us Catholics: We are called to not fall for the lies of people or parties with genocidal tendencies like it has been the case in Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Iraq, Lybia or Syria, where millions of innocent civilians were killed for the benefit of evil, faceless, scavenging oligarchs and their minions.
We are not allowed to become complicit in the rationalisation of mass murder and Ethnic Cleansing. We have to be discerning, and able to cut through the lies of ill intentioned evil individuals. We have to be advocating for Peace and Justice through Christ, as Pius XII taught us.
Already our silence or our acquiescence have been the root cause of the attacks of our Christian Brothers in Palestine, who are the first victims of extremists of both sides. This is not new with the uptick of the conflict, but it has been going on for decades.
Lets pray for discernment, truth and Peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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