Tuesday, December 12, 2023


By Tim Rohr

The Diocese of Sacramento, California, is the latest Catholic diocese to declare bankruptcy in the face of an overwhelming number of clergy sex abuse lawsuits. 

The bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento, California, announced on Saturday that “after careful consideration and consultation,” the diocese will be filing for bankruptcy amid a slate of over 250 clergy abuse lawsuits.- CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY

Per the website for the Diocese of Sacramento there are "over One Million Catholics in the Diocese of Sacramento." 

NOTE: Since its website has suddenly stopped functioning, here is a screenshot of a google search:

Using the One Million number and the 250 lawsuits, that's 2.5 clergy sex abuse suits per 10,000 population.


The 2020 Census found the total population for Guam to be 153,836 and that Catholics comprised 87.72% of the population: 134,945 persons. 

Per a report by the Guam Daily Post on May 21, 2022 there are "more than 270 Guam clergy sexual abuse claims..."

That's approx. 20 clergy sex abuse suits per 10,000 Catholics - nearly TEN TIMES the diocese of Sacramento. 

So the question for us in Guam is how could a population, so Catholic, and so devoted to the Blessed Mother and all things Catholic, become, statistically, one of the WORST places in the entire western Catholic World to be a Catholic?

(Note: Guam clergy sex abuse crisis is 14 times larger than that of the Archdiocese of Boston which was the basis for the Academy Award winning movie "Spotlight.")

And then, beyond the horrific clergy sex abuse numbers, there is the glaring fact that Guam "Catholics" - the majority of voters - continue to elect and re-elect the most radical pro-abortion and anti-Catholic politicians in all the nation to both our legislative and executive branches. 

The real question now is who will be the next Archbishop of Agana? 

For all that has come before and all that has been presented to us for more than half a century - we see nothing but a statistically catastrophic failure. 

God is not sleeping. Given our previous blessings, my thought is "Catholic" Guam is now on a very short leash. 

Prepare. I will.

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