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  1. NCW believe God became man only so men could be in communion with each other .
  2. NCW believe man has no need of reconciliation with God. 
  3. NCW believe in Lutheran justification, so God just pretends not to notice sin and evil.
  4. NCW believe that God is ultimately the author of evil since He's the one who allows it and sends it.
  5. NCW believe man is utterly evil in his nature, which is ok since God is ultimately the author of evil.
  6. NCW believe the sacrificial nature of the Incarnation is an abominable scandal and a lie.
  7. NCW believe the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a sacrilege.
  8. NCW believe devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is an obstacle to Christ.
  9. NCW believe the last 1700 years of the Church are worthless and just a paganized version of Christianity. 
  10. NCW believe the culture, life, and spirituality of the last 1700 is without value.
  11. NCW believe there is no unity of the Tradition.
  12. NCW believe they are the fulfillment of the early Church.
  13. NCW believe all of Christian history leads up to them as the fulfillment of Christ's Church
  14. NCW believe Kiko Arguello to literally be the anointed prophet for this age of the Church
  15. NCW believe any obstacle that stands in their way is an attack on Christ
  16. NCW believe that those who cease to follow their itinerary are de facto outside of the Church.
  17. NCW believe the means justify the end in the accomplishment of their goal of domination.
  18.    (and)
  19. NCW believe that with the buying of bishops and cardinals with modern Church currency (hundreds of badly formed but obedient priests) will buy them the Papacy and force the submission of all Catholicism under Kiko's ideal.


  1. I was in the NCW for 26 years and left before the final scrutiny at the end of the Way. I think it is important to be objective, referenced and balanced in your statements if you want to be credible. I know that half of the statements you make above are inaccurate. I am uncertain about some of the others and some of them sound like just emotional, subjective animosity. if you have references to back up your statements it would be really helpful to everyone to make a grounded opinion on such an important issue.

    1. Since you were in the way for so long feel free to disprove them. We can only go by what the kikos show and tell us. There seems to be a dearth of actual documents. I wonder why.

    2. Hi Tim. Are you still there since 2016? I've been out of the NCW for years now, and I have a lot to say about just how separated from the truth they actually are.

      My parents are still in it, and just got COVID-19 from a NCW retreat they went to in New Jersey. And they make excuses for it in order to save face for Kiko and the rest of them. It's maddening.

      Please feel free to send me a response if you can relate to this... so few of us understand what this thing actually is.


    3. Haha, that is your problem? That your parents caught an illness by practicing their faith? Yes, I find a good number of errors in the way, but their ire in the face of adversity, and their trust in God's Providence is certainly not onr of them. Give them credit when credit is due. I too, btw, have family in the way and grew up in it myself.

    4. It's one thing to be faithful and another to be stupid. Dead people cannot proclaim the Word of God. I think that God wants us to be prudent and intelligent in our faith as well. Even Moses told the Israelite to put lambs blood on the door and stay inside to be protected from the plague.

      I am a survivor of the NCW too, wasted many years being obedient to stupidity, and believe me when I say that many of the practices are stupid and deceitful. It is all about control and once they have lost it you are considered nothing. Imagine the love of Jesus does not exist!