Wednesday, September 7, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Clown mass: like NCW, just another sacrilege encouraged by a bishop

To Archbishop Hon and all the priests of Guam: 

We at JungleWatch have done all the work for all of you in the clerical state on island. Thanks to the great work of Chuck White, LaPaz, and others, we've gathered up the evidence and left for you a trail that a child could follow in the dark. You have only to take a few seconds to see that not only are core beliefs of the NCW heretical and their liturgical practices sacrilegious, but on some points even blasphemous. So busy you hadn't heard about it? Well, let's catch you up. 


NCW believe God became man only so men could be in communion with each other .
NCW believe man has no need of reconciliation with God. 
NCW believe in Lutheran justification, so God just pretends not to notice sin and evil.
NCW believe that God is ultimately the author of evil since He's the one who allows it and sends it.
NCW believe man is utterly evil in his nature, which is ok since God is ultimately the author of evil.
NCW believe the sacrificial nature of the Incarnation is an abominable scandal and a lie.
NCW believe the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a sacrilege.
NCW believe devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is an obstacle to Christ.
NCW believe the last 1700 years of the Church are worthless and just a paganized version of Christianity. 
NCW believe the culture, life, and spirituality of the last 1700 is without value.
NCW believe there is no unity of the Tradition.
NCW believe they are the fulfillment of the early Church.
NCW believe all of Christian history leads up to them as the fulfillment of Christ's Church
NCW believe Kiko Arguello to literally be the anointed prophet for this age of the Church
NCW believe any obstacle that stands in their way is an attack on Christ
NCW believe that those who cease to follow their itinerary are de facto outside of the Church.
NCW believe the means justify the end in the accomplishment of their goal of domination.
NCW believe that with the buying of bishops and cardinals with modern Church currency (hundreds of badly formed but obedient priests) will buy them the Papacy and force the submission of all Catholicism under Kiko's ideal.

[If you need evidence of these, I suggest you read the last few posts on Kiko's Deformed Vision. If you need more, we'll be more than happy to supply all the documentation from Kiko's works as well as Diana's, Pius's, and Zoltan's own writings]

Freestyle Mass with cocktail-dressed co-celebrant: like NCW, just another sacrilege encouraged by a bishop

To you priests: such false teaching cannot be permitted, much less to be systematically promoted, in the parishes and Catholic schools. It is as poisonous as anything from the Jehovah's Witnesses or Iglesia ni Cristo--no, even more so, since at least these cults admit their hatred of Holy Church.

These NCW sacrileges are allowed to thrive, and for the most part very little has been done to stop it, thanks to our corrupt Archbishop Apuron and his chancery. However, armed with these facts, remember that from this moment on, you-- our priests, the other Christs in our lives--are without excuse. You know the corruption they tout as the True Faith. If you are complicit or collaborative or just that tragically effete in the future, then you are a part of that corruption and therefore deserving of blame.

We are giving you the tools you need to teach and to preach and to act. We have done all the work for you; now use this information to defend the Faith. Our Blessed Lord is mocked and insulted daily, and it cannot stand. 

As priests, you have an obligation to protect your flocks. Heresy always and in every case leads to personal sin for believers and evils in the  Church. Always. If you take the path of least resistance, then that blame falls squarely on your consecrated heads. BUT--if you are strong, then you show Christ that you are His, even if it does involve a degree of "white martyrdom" at the hands of bishops and chancery thugs who resemble Simon Magus more than any apostle. And the faithful of Guam would rally around you, defend you, and support you in word, prayer, and deed. 

Magic Mass w/ levitation act: like NCW, just another sacrilege encouraged by a bishop

As for you, Archbishop Hon: it was you bishops who after Vatican II allowed clown masses and circus masses and liturgical dance and using honey buns and martinis for Consecration and all other manner of sacrilege (I've included a few pictures to remind you). Compared to a roller derby mass and putting statues of the Buddha on top of the Tabernacle for veneration, Kiko's Lutheran devotion seems positively solemn.

So I know better than to ask you to man up and defend the Lord, especially when so much money and power is at stake. Many of us already believe that you sold your soul to Kiko for the promise of scarlet a long time ago. 

You have to prove to us that you are here on behalf of the Faith.  Eliminate this NCW threat on island; do not let Kiko or Gennarini or Filoni continue this work here. At least make an effort, man! In all this time in the Curia, I know you know how to play the game, so now do it for the good of the Church. But no, I know you're not made of such stock. Judging by the games you're playing and the appointment of pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage promoters in a lovely setup for future quid pro quo, I'd say you're just cheaply bought. So desperate are men like you to sell out Christ, you'd have Him shipped overseas and send it C.O.D. 

Ecumenical clown mass: like NCW, just another sacrilege encouraged by a bishop

To any in authority over us, remember what the Church has always taught: May God have mercy on your soul if you betray the Lord further. Your soul is in your own hands; pray, do not open them for so small a coin as the praise of heretics, who have already removed themselves from the Church by their heresy, and whose heresy leads to sacrilege and blasphemy. For what does it profit a man to sell his soul for the world? And bishops would do it just to sit in a conclave? And priests for a moment's rest?

And on a related note: 
Masonic Mass in Brazil: like NCW, just another sacrilege encouraged by a bishop

Wow, Hon: and to think that Freemasons are condemned and all Catholics are automatically excommunicated for joining. And yet, they're being celebrated at Mass. Now, tell the truth: I know you're familiar with Masons and the Mass, right? C'mon, don't be shy--you can tell me. 



  1. That's so damn powerful I see no one has dared yet to comment!

  2. LOL. I think it's more akin to "heresy exhaustion."

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  4. I can assure you we don't celebrate the Eucharist as depicted above. WE ARE CATHOLICS, NOT HERETICS. We adhere to the Magisterium and all that the Church professes and teaches.

    1. 1. Do you sit to consume the Eucharist?
      2. Does the celebrant distribute the consecrated bread before receiving his own communion?

    2. We stand to receive because the Lord comes to serve us. We sit & consume the Precious Body together for we are partaking of a heavenly banquet. We stand to drink of the Precious Blood. You should know that the Mass is not just a Holy Sacrifice, it is also a prayer, as well as a visible reality, a taste of what we shall experience in heaven.

    3. We stand to receive because the Lord comes to serve us as he did at the Last Supper. We consume the Precious Body together for we are partaking of a heavenly banquet. We stand & drink of the Precious Blood. The Mass is not only a Holy Sacrifice, it is also a prayer, as well as a banquet which is a visible sign, a foretaste of eternal life.

    4. There are no allowances nor instructions to sit back down. Nowhere. Show where that instruction is in the GIRM or in the NCW statues, but do not respond with flowery language that does not answer the question.

  5. I have always believed that the Sacraments were entrusted by Christ himself to the Church, and the Church prescribes and mandates certain ritual that protect the sacredness of these Divine gifts, and that no priest or bishop has the authority to change any of these rubrics set forth by the Church in the administration of the Sacraments. I also support booting out the NCW with their heretical teaching from Guam, There is no way we can co-exist with any group within the Church with heretical teachings.

  6. I cant believe hearing from some priest that we should accept the NCW since Rome has approved them, and the Prebysters at RMS are ordained by a validly ordained Bishop in Apuron. I say that any priest or bishop that teaches counter to what the Catholic Church teaches is against the truth, since the Church that Christ founded is the pillar and foundation of truth, and our Lord tells us that we can tell the tree that they come from by the fruits that they produce. Lies, deceit, manipulation of people, Teaching that Jesus is a sinner is a denial of the divinity of Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Sacrifice of the mass and all the Sacraments that Christ himself gave us. I choose Christ and his Church over Kiko and the NCW.

  7. It doesn't have to be as extreme to be sacrilegious or blasphemous. It either is or isn't. You can't be a little bit pregnant.

  8. The problem is not only how they consume sitting the bread, but much more heretical is the manner they consume it all together (including the priest). Where is the heresy? In the affirmation of Kiko and Carmen that God is "Community", meanwhile "God is Person" and we are by him created "Person", not community. For this reason Holy communion mast be consumed personally and not as a whole community. This is not a catholic mass, but an ideological and fascist "mess".