Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here's the kind of thing that motivates me. I actually have better things to do, but the other side just keeps taking shots. What are they thinking? That I'll back down? Sorry. I've been toughened by years of fighting with some of our nastiest senators. Here's an example of "a shot".

In today's PDN, there is a story entitled "Senator's upset by unknown fiscal windfall" which included a paragraph I thought interesting:

"Cruz, D-Piti, said knowing the local government had $20 million more than what was anticipated would have allowed senators to discuss the best use of that money. Most of it was used to pay tax refunds."

To this I replied in the comments section: "Umm, did you have a better use for it, Senator", meaning of course that the best use of any available money is to give it to the people to whom it is owed, and that it's rather amazing anyone would think otherwise. 

However, Tasi Mantanona replied to my comment on tax refunds with the following:

"A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. Biba Apuron!"

So on a comment about tax refunds, an Apuron supporter decides to accuse me of being angry and being a fool. 

Of course, anyone who has read anything on this blog can easily see that none of what I have posted is "venting" or "angry". In fact, even this post is not an angry response. It is an amused response, just like every other response, even the one I sent to Cardinal O'Brien

On this blog, I have simply posted mere facts. But this is what people do when they are caught living a lie, they go "ad hominum" on you, they attack the person, the messenger, because they cannot negate nor disprove the message. 

But ATTACK AWAY, I have much more to share...much, much more. I only need a reason. And whoever is advising the giving me a lot. 

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