Monday, November 18, 2013


Imagine a young man who grows up on Guam, then moves away. He studies for the priesthood in another diocese and is ordained for that diocese. 

And then upon ordination, he shows up back on Guam, with the bishop that ordained him, to let everyone know, in the place that he left, that he is now a priest in another diocese. 

While we might be happy for his vocation, I think we'd wonder what business he has in Guam. He was not ordained to serve here. He's not "our priest". He left Guam permanently and chose to live and be ordained someplace else. He has a new home.

Sure it's fine to come back for a visit, but with a bishop in tow it appears to be more of a victory lap than a visit. And what's with the bishop? Doesn't he have a diocese to tend to? What bishop has the leisure to traipse about the world every time a seminarian in his diocese is ordained? 

Just voicing what everyone is asking.


  1. LOL!
    Now that's gonna sting...
    Sad but true, seems there are two catholic churches, the RCC and that other one...Just a thought, who pays for those trips?

  2. Who do you think? And you're paying for another one now. The two new priests with the Archbishop and whoever else is in the entourage did Saipan on Wednesday and Hawaii on Saturday. Camacho is going on to D.C. to visit old haunts. Jucutan is staying in Hawaii for a while, probably to advertise the NCW. The Archbishop is off to ???? But this is a budget trip since the new priests are local. The others have been mostly from Europe and South America.

  3. Blessed be... OMG. I am spechless.

  4. How do we fix this....we have local young men who want to serve their island and the so called "Archbishop" treats them like third class. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Are we not CATHOLIC...ONE ...UNIVERSAL. The Man on the Hill treats our people like they don't matter...especially those who are not as fortunate as others. He should follow the footsteps of our POPE! I just want to know what we can do to stop this DIVISION.... I can not stand to be in the same room as the >>>>>. I ask God to forgive me and like a priest said at his homily at the 12:30 mass at St. Anthony Church...KEEP THE FAITH. We need more priests like Fr. Paul...a local priest who loves to serve his people (ALL KINDS) not just the rich, the affluent, and the popular community. He reaches out to those who are outcasted by society. WE NEED HELP HERE IN OUR ISLAND!!!!

  5. Tim, thank you. It’s no secret that there are a majority of us, members of this Catholic Diocese, who share the very sentiments that you courageously express sans your veil of anonymity about the facts and the truths of what is going on.
    Private conversations have centered on this other common sentiment about the “fast and furious” manner with which the Chancery moved to castigate Fr. Gofigan (for doing his pastoral duty and for practicing Jesus’ teaching regarding forgiveness and charity towards the repentant sinner); and now, the covert and remote manner of threatening you for practicing your right to freedom of speech.
    Where was this “fast and furious” swiftness of a public response or rebuke (or admonishment, even) from the Chancery toward two prominent Catholic members of this diocese who not only testified publicly against legislation meant to curtail the Intrinsic Evil of abortion, but without conscience, did everything they possibly could -- using their financial power, political influence and their social standing in the island community and in our Catholic diocese -- to aggressively influence legislative votes against pro-life and anti-abortion initiatives!