Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I will have my own analysis of Mr. "Get to it" 's comments, but this commenter does a pretty good job. You can read Mr. "Get to it" 's original post here. The following comment, which I am copying here as a post, can also be read as a comment here. Mr. "Get to it" has had about 30 comments so far. By the way, we'll call Mr. "Get to it" Mr. I.B. for short. He'll know why. 


Dear Mr. “Get to it”:

It seems that you have not read the postings and comments carefully because you were dismissive of many of the arguments and points that were logically and forcefully made as just the ranting of “jealous” people. Here is what you said: 
If there is a division here on Guam, isn't it just possible the division is caused by those not in the Way, spawned by jealousy? But they are not willing to put in the hours and hard work we do. 
Please look at the comments that addresses the issue of the causes of this division, one of which is that the archbishop has chosen to join the NCW, be subservient to it, and devote extraordinary attention to such a tiny group at the expense of all non NCW people (see the comment on the analogy of the 5Th Grade Teacher’s Class). If you were the leader of an army and decided to devote all your attention to one small unit and ignore the rest of the army, will that cause dissension and division among the ranks? Of course it will. A leader is supposed to lead all, not just a select few. Don’t forget: #*^@ rolls down hill and there is plenty of it right now.

And where do you get off saying that non Neo people “are not willing to put in the hours and hard work we do.”? That statement insults the thousands of non Neo volunteers (Yes, that’s right—there are far more non Neo people than there are Neo people) who tirelessly and without tooting their horns devote their time, energy, and resources to build up the Catholic Church in Guam. Shame on you for denigrating such hardworking and devoted Catholics! I am not sure what hard work do you do, but I am sure it is all neo related. Try and enlarge that circle of life within which you operate and you may actually then build up your treasure in heaven. 

Now, let’s address your next implausible statement: 
I am in the Neo and I have seen all that you have written. Although I don't necessarily agree with you, you at least lay out your facts so people can judge. But is it so irresponsible to string this out and allow all kinds of other neer do wells to comment on things they know absolutely nothing about.
You make the presumptuous statement that people are commenting on things they know absolutely nothing about. Well Mr. “get to it”, I know a lot about the NCW and I know what I am saying. You don’t have to be a member of the NCW to know about it, just as I don’t need to be French to know about France. Mr. Rohr is not being irresponsible. He is just presenting the issues in an organized and logical fashion so that we can easily address them point by point with precision and clarity, not jumbled up as you have done with your comment. 

Here is your next jumbled statement:

The Archbishop goes to all the fiestas possible, more than any Archbishop in the world, I would guess. He visits all catholic schools, every year. By brother recently finished a Cursillo course and the Archbishop was there for the graduation. And guess what, they sing a lot to. He supports all people fairly as is his job. 

The archbishop is required to perform certain basic duties under canon law, such as the annual visit to all Catholic schools. Thus, he is not doing anything extraordinary by doing so, and as far as going to all the fiesta masses, he should as the bishop because that parish is celebrating her patron saint, but as it was stated in some of the comments, he presides over these events so long as they do not interfere with his Neo schedule. The archbishop required fiesta masses to move up one hour so that he can make his Saturday night Neo mass with his community at his personal residence(not in Church mind you). He also failed to preside on the first night of the novena for Guam’s patron saint because of his pizza party with the Neo seminarians and mission families, and he was conspicuously absent at the FD 65th Anniversary Gala dinner because he was at a Neo retreat. There are many more examples given in many of the comments submitted. Thus, contrary to your statement, the archbishop does not support all people fairly as he is supposed to do. 

You seem overly sure and cocky that the archbishop is doing more than his fair share, but we know (look at the evidence) that this is only true with his Neo community and not to the rest of the faithful. Because you are a Neo, you will naturally feel that way because of the gushing exuberant support you get from the archbishop. I think it will benefit you as a Christian if you remove your Neo blinders and see how the rest of the faithful is being treated. I think you will be dismayed and shocked. 

Let’s take a look at your next statement:

Prove me wrong if you can, but until then stop baiting the trap for the unknowing to wander into and make terrible claims about. Most of it just isn't true, or taken completely out of context.
You neither offered evidence nor shown any kind of proof to back up your statement that Tim Rohr is just baiting the “unknowing to wander into and make terrible claims about.” You arrogantly presumed that those who read this Blog are not intelligent enough to discern and make up their own minds. Are you afraid of distilling the Truth? This Blog precisely does that, by becoming a forum to debate and exchange ideas and to call out any injustices that we know. It is useful and healthy that we do so. Otherwise, we become merely robots in our way of thinking and doing things. Freedom is one of Christ’s greatest gifts to us, and we are not free if we are open to what is happening around us and to us. Open your mind and heart Mr. “Get to it” and you may see what we see. 

Peace and Courage! 


  1. Mr. Rohr has done nothing but provided clear evidence with time lines and documentations for NEO and non-NEO to examine. If there is any evidence that the activities of the NCW is within Canon Law then please someone direct us to it. Every statement from a NEO member i have read sounds like blind ramblings. Provide us proof of what you say and maybe people will take you more seriously.


  2. I will not count on any NEO member to supply any kind of proof because they are taught to NOT think for themselves, and just follow the script. Follow the script and you will be saved. Criticisms are suppressed and if you do not obey, you are made to feel guilty. Quite a cult!

    1. Ex Neo? Figures. But too bad, it will continue and keep continuing until said not too. ;) say all you want, but while your typing this we keep building.

  3. Yes, so the community in Barrigada started with about 50 and is now down to 15. Keep building. Meanwhile:

    Let's review. In 2005 you were told by Rome to conform your liturgies, especially in the manner of distributing Holy Communion, to the liturgical books - meaning you were to do as the rest of us. The leaders of the NCW said "we will not obey", and they did not. In 2008, your statute was approved with the same demand that you conform your liturgy to the liturgical books. Your leaders said "we will not obey". This Saturday you will go to your Eucharist and you will receive communion in a manner not in conformity with the liturgical books, and in doing so, you will say "we will not obey". And you tell us many will be saved through this?