Friday, April 4, 2014


Anonymous accused me of "paraphrasing" Kiko in my post AT THE HEART OF OUR DIVISIONS. I guess he/she didn't know what the word "paraphasing" means. The quotes I used from Kiko were exact quotes, not paraphrases, and I provided the sources. 

What he/she meant to say was that I was wrong about what Kiko meant by those exact quotes. My response would be to show me the exact quotes from Kiko where he teaches the opposite of what I said. 

I quoted exactly from Volume 1 of Kiko's Catechetical Directory. It is Volume 1 of 13 volumes. So it is possible that he teaches something different later, or provides a clarification that is not in the first volume. But since I don't have all 13 volumes and can't get them, I have to rely on what I do have. 

If Anonymous or anyone else wants to share the entire Kiko Catechetical Directory with us, then please do. But this isn't going to happen. Only certain members of the hierarchy of the Neocatechumenal Way have access to it. 

In 1992, the current Catechism of the Catholic Church was published. Can you imagine if, after publishing it, the pope ordered it not to be released to the general public and only made available to certain members of the hierarchy? This is the case with Kiko's catechism. In other words, Kiko's "catechism" is largely "secret teaching." And the copies of the few volumes that we do have were probably smuggled out of the Way by some disaffected catechist. 

"Secret teaching", especially in religious or spiritual matters, is known as gnosticism. Essentially, gnosticism is considered private or experiential knowledge as contrasted with theoretical knowledge. One of the essential aspects of gnosticism is: people are saved by acquiring secret knowledge (gnosis), which is imparted only to the initiated. The Catholic Church has always condemned gnosticism precisely for this reason: with Christ there are no more secrets; in Christ the way of salvation has been made known through his Church and is available to all. 

This is what the word "Catholic" means. In the Greek: Kata (with respect to) holos (the whole), or "universal" as it has come to be commonly translated. This is why Christianity, authentic Christianity (versus the gnostic version) was so radical. One no longer had to be a genetic member of a certain race to be among the "chosen people". In Christ there was no longer "gentile or jew, slave or free..."

Defenders of the Neocatechumenal Way will say that their teachings aren't secret, that if we want to know, all we have to do is "come and listen." This would be fine if also we could "take home and read". For this is what our Church has done since the first letters of Paul. 

From Paul's letters, to the Gospels, to the rest of the New Testament, to the writings of the Fathers, through the volumes and letters of the Saints, and through today, the Church has taken great care to create a lasting and authenticating "paper trail"...while the Neocatechumenal Way has made sure there isn't one. 

I am not yet willing to call Kiko and his followers gnostics. They probably mean well. But then even Luther originally set out to help the Church. 

Of course, it would be so easy to prove me wrong. 


  1. this is the best description i've found to date:
    "...and wait for it, he and the ex-Nun are leaders for life!
    C’mon folks, this is Jehova Witness stuff filled with calvanism and a touch of Masonic mind control. And according to former members, very few of the followers know the truth, since to get through all of the training (indoctrination) can take upwards of twenty years. Just like Masons, the locals are doing good works, unaware of the actual designs and demonics of the leadership...." Capt. Morgan 21 January 2012 at 7:37 am

  2. Everything that Kiko teaches is so Anti-Catholicism. I am appalled about his beliefs and how dare he brings it to our Mother Church. The Neocathechumanal Way is so protestant like. Its unbelievable. We need to pray hard for our Mother Church and its people.

    1. Anon April 5 Anti-Catholic claim is getting old. Part of the Way at the same time I serve my Parish. Slander, confess your sin for the womb who bare you will be curse. This is absurd!

    2. What I posted has nothing to do with you. It has to do with what Kiko Arguello believes and teaches. You may or may not even know this depending how far along you are in the Way. If you can prove that Kiko does not teach whay I have posted, then please provide the evidence.

    3. Apr5 10:52AM -- If by "old" you're referring to our defense of, loyalty and adherence to The Catholic Faith’s authentic Teachings of Jesus Christ which has held up for over 2000 years, enduring and surviving generations and centuries of heretical attacks and attempts to copy, refashion, alter and counter The Truth, -- A Truth which will eternally continue to exist and endure -- then yes, Catholicism’s claim to its authenticity and to its opposition to “other claims” of Catholicism is an “AGE OLD CLAIM” THAT HAS OVER 2000 YEARS OF HISTORY AND ROOTS AS THE “ONE, TRUE, CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH” INSTITUTED BY CHRIST, HIMSELF, THE SON OF GOD AND THE THIRD PERSON OF THE BLESSED TRINITY; as opposed to the new claim of cathlicity by the neos thru Kiko’s ncw movement, abiding in the koncocted teachings led by Kiko and his kohorts, themselves – mere imperfect human being church leader/authority-wanna be’s.

      Kiko’s teachings opposes and contradicts the authentic and Core Teachings of The True Catholic Church! How can our defense of Jesus Christ’s Teachings -- which differ from Kiko’s -- be slander!

      Who holds The Truth? Will you contend that Kiko does, as opposed to Jesus Christ thru the Traditional Catholic Church instituted by Jesus, Himself?! Do you not see the absurdity of the neo claim of authenticity! Esta.

  3. kiko has a Talmudic agenda: