Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Glad to be back in Holy Mother Church has left a new comment

Hello Tim:
The entire mission of the NCW is to bring people to Jesus. This is a worthy and noble cause, and one that all the baptized are called to carry out. However, what the NCW fail to realize is that though we are one body we are many parts. They have a certain way, I have a certain way, and you have a certain way. All of these are necessary for the salvation of the world. They merely fail to recognize all the other ways that people are drawn to Christ.

After many years of being carefully spoon-fed that the Neo way is the only way, even good people begin to believe the heretical teachings of the NCW.

Last night was the annual gala banquet which is the premier fund raiser of the Seminary (but they forget to mention the AAA). A good person who was in my community was dutifully there at the cost of $175 to support the NCW and the seminary. In her zeal to try and bring me back in the fold she played for me some recordings she made during their dinner. What I heard was a great reminder of why I am so thankful that I had the strength and faith to pull out of the NCW before it was too late.

A man I know quite well, Deacon Harold Colorado was the Emcee. Harold has been on Guam for a long time now, and he was a wonderful seminarian. Good humor, beautiful voice, very personable. But this image was destroyed today when my friend played the part where he was giving a history of the seminary, and where he said that in 1999 (referencing when the Archbishop opened the RMS seminary) Jesus came to Guam. WOW!

I have been out for a while now but I really thought that Harold would be a good priest not just for the NCW but for the people of Guam. Now my hopes are dashed. If the formators can take a person with such great potential as Harold, and completely have him deny the presence of Jesus until the NCW brought him to Guam, then there is no longer any reason for hope for any priest coming out of the Yona factory. I honestly felt like crying. Another treasure lost to kiko.

I asked my friend to replay that part right after he said this, but she must have realized that he had revealed something she should not have. She quickly said she had to go, and she left. But I definitely heard what I heard, and I am shocked. For sure Archbishop heard this, and the Vicar General if he was there. The rector and vice rector would have heard this as well. I wonder if they realized what Deacon Harold had just taught... without the Way Christ cannot be present among His people. WOW! Everytime I think about this I feel great sorrow. 35 seminarians lost to this type of formation. How terribly sad.

Feeling so troubled by this, I called a former community brother. He couldn't remember the exact words, but he basically acknowledged the same line ... without the NCW Guam was a dry island without a heart for Christ. How disgusting, because before joining the NCW he was a totally lapsed Catholic and knew nothing about the Church, but now he could pass such a judgement? Another lost person lifted by heretical teaching because it feels so good and controlled. He too tried to get me back in during our short conversation a short while ago. I asked if anyone from the Church tried to clarify Deacon Harold's statement and he was surprised...why would they need to clarify. No, Deacon Harold said what he said, and there was no correction.

Our local Church, that first received the word of Christ 350 years ago from real priests, the Jesuit missionaries and later the Capuchins, has been maligned and slammed by the clergy of Guam, and no one defended the Church. Not the Archbishop, not the Vicar General, not the formators or rectors.

Instead of a celebration, yesterday turned out to be a very sad day for Guam, darkened by the false teachings so vehemently defended by its NCW members. God, send the Holy Spirit to guide us to you and to the truth always.

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