Sunday, May 4, 2014


Comment from "Anonymous Parishioners" responding to my being called a "hypocrite" in one of my posts:

6:11 and 8:45AM and to our Archbishop:  Even if we tried we couldn't be supremely hypocritical seeing as the hypocrisies, the divisions and the subtle fraudulence pulled on this Catholic congregation comes from the Diocesan HIGHER-UPS, the HIERARCHY of this Catholic Church on Guam. 

No, I and the rest of the Faithful Parish Catholic members are not followers of Tim, nor of Chuck, nor of Fr. Gofigan -- though we are not surprised at the level of infliction coming from what we see of our archdiocesan hierarchy on this priest who has been more effective pastorally in his responsibilities as a parish priest in Dededo than have our leaders on the hill been to this Catholic congregation at the parish levels -- we’re simply followers of our Beloved Catholic Church on Guam!

We love our Catholic Faith, and like everyone else, we want to follow the THE TRUTH which we know is found only in this Church that Christ, Himself, instituted – not one concocted by a kiko or a carmen!

So, READ OUR POSTINGS which come FROM OUR LIPS on this forum.  We are not provided the opportunity for our voices and letters to the editor to be printed in the Umatuna – thus this free forum Tim provides for our minds, our hearts and our voices!  If not Tim’s blog, I’m sure another would have come along to provide us the medium to address what we’ve wanted to for years, but felt stifled!

 … and we’re more than glad and find it more than sufficient that Tim recycles all the reasons and the documentation about why we won’t let go nor let you continue getting away with all that has happened and is happening.  The problem is you just continue to turn a deaf ear and don’t want to listen to us nor accept the reality about what is going on in this diocese; and then, you skirt the issues!  

Get over your personal attacks and personal vendettas on a handful of individuals who only enable the many more of us whom you’ve neglected and then abandoned -- being that you are our spiritual leader, nurturer, and Shepherd for -- to finally speak of how we feel about having to continue enduring the hypocrisy, the deceit, the calculating shams and dishonesty that we see is causing so much scandal!  

The saddest thing that we continue to observe (and neither Tim nor Chuck have to point this out to all of us from the parishes!) is this: Your seeing and knowing about this division; about the spiritual confusion we’re encountering because of the “tug of war” about what is correct or not; what is valid or not; with alterations and refashioning going on involving core Catholic teachings and liturgical norms and practices which the majority of us Catholics on Guam love, adhere to, observe, loyally follow and most of all believe to be true because it is what is taught in this One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – observing all that, you haven’t initiated anything to demonstrate that you care! Isn’t the responsibility, the culpability on your door steps?

We’re angry, but our anger is directed at you, Archbishop, because the reality and truth is that the buck stops at your door but you ignore it and don’t give us the time of day to correct things, to heal divisions, to level with us and give us the Truth, nor do you show that you even care for this flock. 
Seeing how you treat and have treated your priests and Fr. Gofigan and then your regard for the neo is the only example of how you lead this flock that we have to go by.  The gravity of this situation in our Catholic Church, your level of responsibility and spiritual culpability requires that you personally address this, head on, much much more than your simple and mere call for general forgiveness for yourself at one Mass. 

Anonymous Parishioners

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