Friday, June 13, 2014


Dear Diana, look for me on PNC News tonight.
You're next.


  1. Maybe this won't be broadcasted tonight but instead will be shown tomorrow. Now if you are provided a copy of the taping then you can post it earlier!

  2. from Diana's blog June 12, 2014 at 3:15pm:

    Pride was a sin found in Lucifer because he wanted to sit on God's throne, and so he was cast out of Heaven. Pride was also the first sin that Adam and Eve committed. In their disobedience was pride for they wanted to be "like God" to decide for themselves what is good and evil.

    It is very easy to distinguish between a humble man from a proud man. The Holy Bible describes the proud as a mocker who behaves with fury (Proverbs 21:24) and is always full of strife (Proverbs 13:10). The proud is the person who always says "I". In a conversation, everything is about himself. It is always "I did this, I did that, and I know."

    Humility is the opposite of the proud. St. Thomas Aquinas described humility as "seeing ourselves as God sees us. Humility means knowing that every good we have comes from God as gift, that we depend on him for everything."

    St. Therese of Lisieux wrote, "The beginning of all holiness is humbly admitting that without God we can do nothing, but that with, in and through him, everything is possible."

    Finally, St. Teresa of Avila defined humility in one word: truth. By this, she means that humility is accepting the truth about ourselves.......accepting our strengths, limitations, and weaknesses, knowing, of course, that our strengths come from God. Denying either our strengths or limitations is a form of pride. When St. Teresa of Avila said that "humility is truth", that does not mean to go out boasting to everyone that you know for a fact that the earth revolves around the sun....and you can prove it. A person who does this is only saying that he/she is actually the center and everything revolves around him/her.

    The following are examples distinguishing between the proud (arrogant) and the humble:

    1. The humble person does not get upset if he/she is overlooked or not recognized. The proud wants to be recognized and is angry if overlooked

    2. The humble person does not care that others get the credit for his/her work. The proud wants due credit. It was his/her work and therefore deserves the credit.

    3. The humble person has no problem accepting his/her need for help, be it God's help or human help. The proud believes that he is capable of doing the work himself/herself and does not need any help.

    4. The humble person knows his/her limitations and weaknesses, and acts accordingly. The proud says "What limitations? He/she has none."

    5. The humble person readily admits any wrongdoing and does not hesitate to ask for forgiveness. The proud person denies any wrongdoing and demands an apology from the other. And when he/she is given a verbal apology, it is not enough. He/She needs a written apology so they can frame it and hang it on his/her wall for show and tell.

    6. The humble person knows his/her strengths and offers to use them where they can benefit the community. The falsely humble person does not recognize his/her strength.

    7. The humble person is not concerned about his/her image before others. The proud is always concern about his/her image and reputation before others.

    8. The humble person is comfortable with who he/she is and does not care much if that is not acceptable to other people. The proud cares who he/she is seen with.

    9. The humble person seeks to improve and grow in maturity. The proud thinks they are already grown-up and mature.

    10. The humble person can accept correction and constructive criticism. The proud thinks that they are always right and the other is always wrong.

    1. Yes. Very funny. All I've heard from "her" is about how WRONG I am, and when "she" is proven wrong, she lectures us about humility. By the way Diana, how "humble" is it to hide your identity while you preach? Not humble at all because it doesn't cost you anything. REALLY? Is this what Jesus would do?

    2. Didn't you read #1 a humble person doesn't need to be named but you just want to be a proud person who always wants to be named and wasn't it said in the Bible not to be a pharisee who always say I do this and I do that so you are a pharisee instead of the person who keeps saying I'm a sinner

    3. Ah 12:37AM. What are you doing up after midnight reading my blog? Can't sleep? Scratching again where it doesn't itch? What a wonderful witness to the Neocatechumenal Way. Thanks for page hits.