Friday, June 13, 2014


Which document showed the invitation from Cardinal Tagle to be false? The Erratum printed in the U Matuna or the actual letter from Cardinal Tagle?
Answer: Both

Which document was publicly available first? The Erratum printed in the U Matuna or the actual letter from Cardinal Tagle which I posted?
Answer: The Erratum printed in the U Matuna

Who knew first about the Cardinal's letter? Jennifer Dulla and the U Matuna staff/chancery or Tim Rohr?
Answer: Jennifer Dulla and the U Matuna staff/chancery

Who is being criticized and condemned? The people who concocted the lie and withheld the truth about Cardinal Tagle's letter or Tim Rohr who had nothing to do with the lie or its cover up?
Answer: Tim Rohr

Who SHOULD be criticized and condemned for concocting the lie and covering up the Cardinal's letter until all the Neos were safely on the plane to Manila? Jennifer Dulla and the U Matuna staff/chancery or Tim Rohr?

If you answered Tim Rohr for the last one...BINGO! You qualify to be a kiko. Congrats.


  1. Sounds like we have a quiz game going on:

    Jeopardy- I am the dry bone of this earth! What is a Non Neocatechumenla Member

    The Price is Right- Name the price of the RMS at the time it was bought? 2.5 million?

    To Tell the Truth- I am the one called to modern day prophet? Will the modern day prophet please stand up! ( Kiko Arguello stands up!)

    Let's make a deal - which door do you want, 1,2, or 3. Contestant pick door number 3. Moderator, I will give you an extra 1000 in exchange for door #3. Contestant declines. You gave up 1000 for door #3. Let us open door # 2: you gave up a trip to Europe. Open door #1 oops you gave up brand new home in NJ. Open door #3 you have own yourself a pet jackass with A life size model of Kiko Arguello!

  2. Hey Tim, Zoltan says your blog is the devils blog. EXCUMMUNICATION!

    ZoltanJune 13, 2014 at 5:49 PM
    From Rome it is well seen in how anti-Neocatechumenal groups are looking out to organize themselves from the fringe into an international network. As someone duly noted, they employ the mentality and tactics of traditional secret societies like the Masons.

    In 1917, the Code of Canon Law, the law of the Church, Section 2335, said, “Those who join a Masonic sect or other societies of the same sort, which plot against the Church or against legitimate civil authority, incur ipso facto an excommunication simply reserved to the Holy See.”

    These little groups, gathering along Internet-based trash blogs, like JungeWatch, indoctrinating their ways into certain Vatican circles, wanted the new Pope to renounce Kiko Arguello and the NCW. They became extremely desperate when Pope Francis just did the opposite and declared his support for the Way. Sensing that nothing “good” could come out of Rome for them, they changed their tactics and turned against their local bishops. Their ideology is that the NCW can be stopped at the diocese level only therefore local bishops must be targeted and cruelly coerced to deny permission to the communities. In case a bishop does not comply with their demands, everything is permissible, they say, to attack and overpower him until he is removed from his office. This is how these fringe anti-Way groups, led by their gullibility and sheer hatred become toys in the hands of their Masonic handlers. Make no mistake, there is no concern here for the good of the Church, their only concern, as witnessed by centuries of history, is to undermine all existing Church authorities!

    This is exactly what we see in Tim Rohr’s JungleWatch blog site. The arrogance against the Archbishop is going beyond measure. Their hatred is blinding them so bad they don’t even notice when they commit grave offenses and sins against the Catholic Church. Their moral sense became corrupted to a point when they claim they are sinless. Well, you know who is claiming to be sinless: it is the devil, the enemy of the Church who was a liar from the beginning!


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    1. Lame indeed, total waste internet space. We could ship him to a deserted island and no one would notice.

  4. Send zoltan to Saipan where he belongs.


  5. Saipan does not want zoltan .