Thursday, August 28, 2014


This is so tragic on so many levels, I can't even begin to comment, though I soon will. But just imagine, saying these things to our children AND AT MASS!

ARCHBISHOP APURON to the students of Father Duenas High School, August 28, 2014:

...the issue was that he had an alleged sex offender working in the parish (___) then as a volunteer, and he saw nothing wrong with that. In the meantime, because there’s a school next door that had children and there’s always a danger that they can be at risk. So that was really what the case is about. And, so, please continue to pray for him. And I’m really waiting for what’s now over a year, because it was July 16 of last year that that issue came to the forefront and it decided to go viral.

In the case of Monsignor James, there are lot of improprieties in terms of the finances of the Cathedral-Basilica and the cemetery, the Catholic Cemeteries, and we’re now studying that assiduously, and it is because that we cannot get the Deloitte and Touche to audit those two entities to complete the audit of the finances of the Archdiocese. And Rome told me, “You have to do something, and you have to correct that inequality, if you will, so that you can present an audit report to for the finances of the Archdiocese.” And we’re working very hard to try to do that, and it will eventually come out in these website. So, continue to pray for that and (___) decided to go viral with it, which has caused a lot of embarrassment, especially, you know, the criticisms on my part.

For 28 years as the Archbishop I only sought to do the will of God and to follow whatever commands I receive from Rome. And I’m trying to be obedient. And I really do this out of a good conscience; I don’t do it to be vindictive. I don’t do it really to be mean. But sometimes, you know, when you’re in a position of leadership, and in the Catholic Church the only one that speaks with authority, and full authority, is the Archbishop because I was not even voted in.

There’s one parishioner in one parish who asked the pastor, “Can we recall him?” as if he voted me in. It is the Pope who decided to elect me and select me to be the Bishop first in 1984, then an Archbishop in 1986, and it will remain that way until he decides in Rome. And I know that he has been receiving a lot of complaints, you know, especially through the internet and through the blogs and whatnot.

And even the Apostolic Delegate who came for a visit here and told the priests and clergy, the deacons, “Don’t listen to the blogs. Don’t go there because many times all they want to do is try to destroy people and cause people a lot of confusion.” So, I just want to say that out so that, you know, it will be clear. Honestly, in my conscience, I sleep every night because I try to do the will of God. This thing has forced me to pray even more.

I spend an hour in my chapel praying every morning, and then in the afternoon I try to make the Divine Mercy Hour between 2 and 3, or before that, or shortly after that, because I know that -- and I keep telling the Lord, “This is not my church. It is your church, Lord, but help me because I am troubled.” But, you know, hopefully these things will go away and in truth -- the truth will come up eventually and you will see the truth. So, please continue to pray and hopefully you’ll not be so troubled but rather try to find peace in your mind.

The church is “one”, we’re trying to be one. This kind of a persecution has happened even in the very early days of Christianity. Read the Acts of the Apostles, the whole history of the (___) church has been troubled because the Jews, and then today (___) Jewish God, now the people are coming around saying, “Oh, you have to believe in a Jewish God; you have to believe in the one true God, and in Jesus Christ he became one of us, who came as our savior. Many people still look at  Jesus Christ as Lord their savior. So, please, continue to pray.

The Lord be with you. (Final Blessing)

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