Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Posted by Robert Klitzkie
Surprise, surprise Hon didn't respond!

Hey, Junglewatch, check this out!

How do I count the ways!  Just when you think you've seen every thing, AB Hon surprises.  Let's make this an interactive communication to Hon.  There is so much here to comment on that you can help me strive for completeness.  For this post use the COMMENTS to post all the things you want Hon to know about his appeal that we contribute to "...the formation of our future priests..."  If you can't resist commenting on "Unfortunately, the AAA collection this year... fell far below the expected goal..." that would be OK too.

So write your notes to Hon in COMMENTS. I can print the post and comments then either email, mail or deliver it all to the Chancery.  If you want to use your real name in the comments it's OK as it tends to add credibility. Anonymous is OK, though.

PS None of the $85,552.44 came from me. I contribute to Junglewatch and CCOG.

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