Thursday, July 24, 2014


Marjorie RichardsJuly 24, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Prove your faith in the innocence of Fr. Paul! 

I challenge all of you who live in the north and central parts of Guam, those who have teenagers, or know teenagers from these areas, to encourage your teens to participate in this Saturday's Youth Empowerment Session at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Yigo. It is a Summertime Day of Recollection for Teens. First of it's kind! (in Yigo anyway)

It's TOTALLY FREE!!!! Free breakfast and lunch! Free T-shirts! (There will be no trash bag circulating at the end of the event) It ends with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (the real Roman Catholic one). All for our young people. All teens are welcome, catholic or not! Check out the website:

If your teens haven't registered yet they can do so at the door which opens at 8:00am. Saturday morning, July 26, 2014. 

Support Fr. Paul's group the Rainbows of Mercy and Catholics On the Move! 

My teens will be there! We are part of By God's Grace (a LIFE TEEN Band).

Peace to you and God bless all of us!
Marjorie Richards


  1. Marjorie, please provide contact info.

  2. Marjorie, for those of us who may want to give to this cause as opposed to giving to the archdiocese' annual appeal -- which really just goes towards lining the kikos' pockets -- how and where may we send our monetary donations in support of our youth and support of Fr. Gofigan and his initiative?

  3. Here's the information from Fr. Paul:

    "It's a youth empowerment session for high schoolers. (Day of Recollection). At Yigo (because we had to postpone the first one due to the storm, we decided to combine the Yigo and Toto sessions at Yigo. Registration begins at 8am and the day will end w a Lifeteen Mass at 7pm. Pls send all high schoolers to this day!

    Donations may be made to Rainbows of Mercy and kindly drop them off at st. Anthony rectory. God bless and Si Yu'os Ma'ase!"

  4. Per the flyer, contact information:

    Fr. Paul Gofigan at
    (671) 488-0613

  5. May God bless this gathering! We hope to have the Youth for Christ who just finished a youth camp last weekend attend this and have a wonderful follow-up to the camp.

    Ebet Sapida

  6. Thanks for the info, Mary Lou.

  7. I was going to send my grandnieces but because you have stated that the Mass is "the real Roman Catholic one" I can already sense that you are prejudice.

    1. I pray you don't allow your prejudice to deny your grandnieces this opportunity.