Thursday, July 24, 2014


Ousted priest leaves Guam: Wadeson defends, praises Archbishop Apuron

PDN: "Wadeson stated he's been falsely accused, but decided to leave because he didn't want the accusations against him to tarnish Archbishop Anthony Apuron."
JW: So how does running away save Apuron? In fact it "tarnishes" him even more, doesn't it. If you were falsely accused, then simply say so and challenge the accusations.
PDN: "I was in such shock at the viciousness and lies of what was being said about me and our archbishop, whom I hold in great esteem, that I was lost for words," Wadeson stated...

JW: What "viciousness and lies" would those be, Wadeson? All that was reported was your record as published by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. If that report is a "lie" then your issue is with Cardinal Mahoney, who published your record, NOT the people of Guam. Don't you think? And of course, have you no remorse for the "shock" you caused the people of this archdiocese? No. Only you are shocked. Apparently we have no right to be. 
PDN: "For the good of the church, I thought it best that I leave the country, albeit with a very heavy heart, so that these false accusations that are being leveled at me do not become weapons to use against our archbishop or the Church of Guam," he stated.
JW; Hmmm. "Leave the country". Never heard it put that way before. Usually when people are leaving Guam, they say the are leaving "Guam", not "the country".  Good chance Wadeson is either hightailing it to his native Australia or to a Kiko-refuge in Europe or Israel. In fact, look for him to have a new job at the Domus Galilee. By the way, who paid for your airfare? Us?
PDN: "I will continue to pray for our church, our archbishop as well as for those who attack him," Wadeson stated.
JW: That's nice. Do you even know that none of this would be happening if the Archbishop did not FIRST attack? Will you also pray for those the Archbishop has attacked? Or will you pray that the Archbishop stops attacking? Didn't think so. 
PDN: "The Archdiocese of Agana has a policy regarding sexual misconduct and sexual harassment and takes these matters seriously," the local archdiocese stated.
JW: Except, of course, if they are associated with the Neocatechumenal Way. As already stated in the press, Apuron knew about these accusations long ago and when confronted, said he “does not discriminate against false or true accusations.” Really Archbishop, YOU DON'T DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN WHAT IS FALSE AND WHAT IS TRUE? 

Rome, are you hearing this?

JW: Lastly, Wadeson, here's a note of advice. If you are innocent of the charges leveled at you in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, then why don't you work to clear your name? The report says that several priests on the same list have already had their names cleared and charges dropped. Have you even tried? Or did you think you could just disappear into the Neocatechumenal Way and hide away in Guam?

Fr. Wadeson. Go to Los Angeles. Walk into the chancery office. And challenge those charges. Get your name off that list. Get a document from LA saying that you have been cleared. Post it for the world to see. So that maybe next time you won't have to "leave the country." 

Meanwhile, got some 'splainin' to do. Your invitation to "let's meet" will soon be accepted. Expect a call. 


  1. Mr. Wadeson, until you can show proof that the allegations are false, remove the "Roman Collar" and accept the banishment from performing any. priestly functions. jes of Chalan Pago

    1. Dear Jes,

      Until he is proven guilty he has every right to perform any priestly duties. I am sure you are smart enough to know how "innocent until proven guilty" works... Right?

    2. Ummm. Dear David. I'm the only one publicly saying - besides Wadeson - that he is innocent. In fact, I'm his only friend right now. The Archbishop did not say that Wadeson was innocent. The Archbishop threw him under the bus. It is the Archbishop you should be addressing, NOT Jes. It was the Archbishop who removed Wadeson's faculties in this archdiocese, NOT Jes. Geez, you people. What's with the Kiko intelligence quotient!

    3. Ummm. Dear Tim. Let Jes reply for himself... His post shows ignorance, does it not?

      "Mr. Wadeson, until you can show proof that the allegations are false, remove the Roman Collar and accept the banishment from performing any. priestly functions."<------

      That is what I am addressing, I know you say Fr. John is innocent but I was not speaking to you.

  2. Excellency, I do think it is time to take a leave of absence, along with David and Adrian, until you can find the words on how to apologize to the Catholics of Guam, not the NCW, and how to regain the trust and confidence of the people who trusted and supported you until you became a NEO. again Jes of Chalan Pago

  3. When will it end?
    Children not safe.

  4. Thinking that DIANA should admit to who she is with all the involvement she has for woman, not a man and not a priest and a young woman in early twenties who has been walking for eight years. This is unfair and ridiculous.