Monday, July 14, 2014


>>>and not around an altar!


  1. That's so awesome, thankyou. I love it!

  2. appropriately these men danced apart from liturgy! NCW and NO take note of Pope Benedict's
    comments before you clap during Mass or dance during Mass.

    The Spirit of the Liturgy by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
    San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000, 224 pp.
    a) Standing, Sitting, Dancing, Clapping, Feasting
    i. “We must…conclude that kneeling and standing are, in a unique and irreplaceable way, the Christian posture of prayer.” (198)
    ii. “Dancing is not a form of expression for the Christian liturgy…The cultic dances of the different religions have different purposes—incantation, imitative magic, mystical ecstasy—none of which is compatible with the essential purpose of the “reasonable sacrifice” (Rom. 12:1) of the Christian liturgy.” (198)
    iii. “Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment.” (198)
    iv. “It is something different if, after the liturgy, the joy that it contains turns into a “secular” feast, which is expressed in a common meal and dancing but does not lose sight of the reason for the joy, of what gives it its purpose and measure. The connection between the liturgy and cheerful earthiness (“Church and inn”) has always been regarded as typically Catholic, and so it is still.” (200)

  3. I dont see anything wrong w this... is this inappropriate?

    1. No. It is entirely appropriate, which is why I posted it.