Friday, July 11, 2014


We thank you for your visit and for your wish to celebrate Mass with us (Sunday, St. Jude's, Sinajana, 8:30am). I heard the pastor there, Fr. Gus, took quite a grilling from Archbishop Apuron when he found out that you would be mixing with us little people. But no worries. We think it's great that you will be celebrating Mass in an ordinary village parish. 

We have also  heard that you may be joining Archbishop Apuron and his personal Neo-community at his home for their Saturday night Neo-Eucharist, or perhaps attend a Neo-Eucharist at the Neo-Seminary. 

Either way, we are hoping that Archbishop Apuron, who is sure to celebrate in either location, will not make an exception for your presence and cheat you out of experiencing an authentic Neo-Eucharist, complete with the congregation standing during the consecration, distributing the consecrated host to the communicants before his own communion, and everyone consuming the host while seated.

If these practices are permitted and regularly practiced, then Archbishop Apuron SHOULD NOT change them to conform to the liturgical books simply because you will be there. In fact, he may show you the documents permitting these practices, in which case you can then put all our questions to rest since he won't. 

I also hope that they will not omit the dancing around the flower-laden table in the end. Maybe you will be moved to join them. Given your heritage a polka or at least a Strauss waltz would be more appropriate. But alas, nothing but Kiko Arguello-approved dance steps will be permitted.  I hear they are not hard though. Nevertheless, enjoy! 

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