Saturday, July 5, 2014


I understand you all are scratching and clawing to find out who's behind that ad. Don't worry, you'll have plenty more chances. More ads are coming. But let me save you the hassle of trying to make me the guy behind it. I'm not. 

As you know, I am practically the only person involved in this controversy that uses a real name. I have proudly and publicly attached my name to all my statements, inquiries, demands, remonstrations, allegations, whatever. 

If I was going to put an ad in the PDN calling for what Concerned Catholics called for, what reason would I have to suddenly want to be anonymous? In fact, I would have proudly put my name to that too. In fact, I have already asked for what the ad asked for. 

Do you realize how you have publicly demeaned yourself and this Catholic Church by your scratching, clawing, and digging to find out who's behind the ad, not to mention your obstinate hiding and your refusal to even consider publishing what almost every other diocese sees as the decent, respectful thing to do?

The fact is that you need to tie me to this because you need to keep this just a personal war with me, just little layman me. That would be convenient wouldn't it? But the truth is you know that I am just the person willing to use a real name. The truth is that you know who your nemeses are. The truth is you know that others know where the skeletons are. The truth is that you thought they were dead and buried. Surprise. They are alive. And they have money.

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