Tuesday, July 8, 2014


So I heard that the Chancery was not very happy with Fr. Paul's interview on the radio yesterday. I wonder what sort of back-handed retribution they have in mind? As you know, no good deed goes unpunished by "the Hill".

I say "back-handed" because the Chancery knows they cannot do anything visible - like canceling Fr. Paul's upcoming series of youth events (see below) - especially with Rome now knocking on our door. So they'll try to hurt him some other way. Just watch.

By the way, listen to the interview. You will hear that Fr. Paul did not bring up any of the issues he is having with the Archbishop, and when the host did, he handled it very diplomatically. Maybe that's why they want to hurt him even more. He's winning hearts.


  1. Not very happy about what? Father Paul did a great job! And so are you, Tim.

  2. Great interview Fr. Paul. great work Tim.

    "Let the Truth prevail."

  3. Archbishop will punish priests who speak against him. Seriously he has said this.

  4. Yes, Father Paul handled that very well because that is just who he is! I should know because I grew up with him. Father Paul has always tried to empower the YOUTH and really is genuine in all the projects that he pursues before and after being ordained a priest! I know that God has a plan and HE is using Father Paul to carry out this plan. I, along with others are 100% behind this project because it will help bring the YOUTH closer to a greater GOOD and empower them to take charge of their lives to improve their lives, both physically and spiritually! Anyone interested to assist, we WELCOME ALL!