Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Make no mistake. This is a rally in support of Msgr. James Benavente and a public protest against Archbishop Apuron. It is only because of the class and integrity of Msgr. James, the love he bears our church, and the respect he still has for the office of the bishop, despite his cruel and unjust treatment by the man who currently occupies that office, that it has been toned down to the level of a more general prayer service for the good of our church. 

To the press: Catholics do not normally gather on the steps of their church to pray. They go inside. There is a reason they are standing outside the church. It is no longer theirs. That's the story. The real one. 


  1. i think the archbishop should step down. being at fault or not, i no longer believe in his leadership.

  2. Powerful statement and I will be there.

  3. If the Archbishop steps down, guess who'll take over? ADRIAN!!!!!!
    This is why Adrian and David use the Archbishop's office to get what they want. David is now Rector. Adrian wants it all! He wants the mitre and will stop at nothing to get it, including kicking the Archbishop down San Ramon Hill.

  4. This invitation is well received!

    I just want to share my thoughts about this. no need to comment, I think you will understand where I'm coming from.

    What is the reason behind this? Is it truly building the bridges? Have the bridges been torn down and thus we need to re-build it?

    The Bridge has been there and will always be....but something is keeping all of us Catholics from crossing it!

    What do you want to say?

    What do I want to say?

    I say it's not about bridges...its about our LEADERSHIP!

    We cant fix anything starting from the bottom up...that will be very difficult to achieve....and it is already happening now and we see the consequences.

    It's got to start from the TOP and work its way DOWN!

    and this is also what I want to say-

    "I Pray to the HOLY SPIRIT to GUIDE our ARCHBISHOP...to give him courage, strength, and ability to humble himself before the LORD our GOD. To keep his flock from going astray, and to focus on what GOD has given him authority over...The Catholic People of Guam!

    Just sharing my thoughts! thanks!
    Alexander Miralles (Yigo)

    1. Thank you Mr. Miralles for sharing the fact that the bridge must be mended starting from the top. Just like the ladder of the NCW. You start at the top and work your way down to the water of Baptism and then work your way up the ladder towards salvation.

      It all begins from the Top down and working our way from the bottom up!

  5. I and my family will be there. People at work are cancelling their medical appointments to be there. A general call is being made. Today, it's a peaceful call for prayer. Tomorrow??? Who knows ... but, my 1960's radical demeanor has been awaken.

  6. There is a threat of a storm coming our way, Guam, a literal storm. Is anyone else wondering why the weather has been so dreary, with rain? I can attribute this to the sadness that Santa Marian Kamalen must have for us and all that has happened. Msgr. James, along with the Kamareras, have taken care of her image all this time. He has been there to protect her and the Church where her image remained, unharmed.

    Rain or not, let us all pray tonight, at the steps of the Cathedral and ask Santa Marian Kamalen to also pray for us. Biba Msgr. James, we are all WITH you as we pray for our Church!!!