Monday, July 28, 2014


On the very day Archbishop Apuron gives us his greatest example to date of how to be evil, violent, oppressive, a disservice to others, lawless, and an enemy of the common good by his ambush firing of Monsignor James Benavente, Pope Francis says:

“Giving primacy to God means having the courage to say no to evil, violence, oppression; to live a life of service to others and in favor of lawfulness and the common good,” Pope Francis said July 26.

Church controversy continues

World News Report: Church controversy continues

Blog speculates on removal of Monsignor James Benavente

Local monsignor removed

Monsignor Benavente ‘abruptly removed’ as church rector

Monsignor James Benavente: served as Rector for 20 years has been Removed

And more news, thanks to Archbishop Apuron

San Francisco Archdiocese Bars Father Wadesen From Ministry

ABC News: Attorney for Archdiocese of Los Angeles Says Guam Archdiocese Was Told About Allegations Against Father Wadeson in 2011

San Francisco Archdiocese Removes Priest From Service Over Allegations Of Past Sex Abuse


  1. Maybe the abrupt removal of Msgr. James was, in part, meant to distract us from the Wadeson fiasco.


  3. Chuck, you are precisely right. A smoke screen must be developed to mask all the other reasons Arch(enemy) Anthony would like us to be distracted from: the maltreatment of Fr. Paul, his Neocatecumenal preferences, the sad Seminarian disillusionment, his money hunger, secrecy and THEIR true mismanagement of funds..among so many other Pastoral violations.

  4. Archbishop Apuron should be removed. He does NOT have the support from mmost of the people in Guam.

  5. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 28, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    Tim - this latest scandal could be to distract us away from Fr Wadeson, or it could also be a sick hunger for attention. Our dear Archbishop now only gets attention from his kiko loyals, and even that is fading quickly as he becomes more of a liability to them. He feels a great void with the real Catholics of Guam whom he has abandoned, and this disturbs him. This was very evident on Saturday at the Mass and reception for the four SSND sisters celebrating milestones in service to the Church. I noticed for a first time how he was practically ignored by the people. A friend with me also mentioned that at Monsignor James' celebration the previous week our Archbishop felt so outcast at the reception he only stayed for about 15 minutes. I guess he didn't like being second fiddle to Cardinal Tagle, who is admittedly a very lovable and personal individual. So in his twisted logic the Archbishop goes out of his way to get his name recognized as much as possible, and the media, including Jungle Watch, is his only venue for self/vain glory.

    He must be very proud of himself to now be recognized not only on Jungle Watch, but world wide organizations like ABC News, CBS, etc. Rumor has it, from sources who know and claim to have seen it themselves, that our Archbishop scans the internet daily to see where his name pops up, then prints out the article and pastes it to a "glory wall" in his bedroom, at the Archdiocese house across from the Chancery. I wonder if he has any similar homages to himself pasted to the other various private homes he owns, in Guam and Las Vegas, and San Francisco?

    We are not dealing with any ordinary man here, but one who is deeply troubled by a lack of self esteem, and viciously lashing out against others is his sick little way to prove his power and his worth. The devil has surely brought him to the Neo/dark side, so we need to pray for him, and we need to pray for a replacement. Our fervent prayers can make a difference.

    1. Young men involved.

    2. I've been told that the Archbishop was not available for the post-liturgical celebration of Msgr. James' Jubilee on 16 July — not because he would be playing second-fiddle to Cardinal Tagle, though that is a reasonable assumption — for a different reason. He actually had a previous commitment at the "Rockin' 60s Class of 1964 50th High School Reunion" at the Guam Hilton Resort and Spa that same evening. It so happened that the two events created a conflict in schedule and, in light of what he did the following week to Msgr. James, Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron probably chose to attend the event where he could be perceived as a VIP from the FDMS Class of 1964.

      BTW: That might also explain why he kept checking his watch while Cardinal Tagle spoke — maybe he was worried he wouldn't get to the Hilton in time.

  6. Honestly, I don't think he cares or wants the support of anyone but his Neo family. That is what keeps him going. He can have all the pizza parties he wants with whomever he wants, but this slash and burn campaign against priests we love has got to stop! This is the second time people and we just can't stand by and say "ok, do it again".
    I am starting with the prayer vigil tomorrow on the steps of Cathedral. I may lose my job, but I must be brave.

  7. Guam is in international headlines. History in the making here, perhaps the first Archbishop on Guam to be removed from his post.

    @8:42am nice one..."Archenemy Anthony". Nice ring to it.

    I will be at the Cathedral tomorrow for Msgr James. Let's all go

  8. I hope after all this is over and the Archbishop has a change of heart, we'll ALL be invited to his residence for a Pizza Party!

  9. Archbishop Apuron have a change of heart? Yeah, when hell freezes over! Better to have a change of Archbishops!!


  10. If your bishop isn’t doing his job, contact:
    Prefect: Cardinal Marc Ouellet, P.S.S.
    Secretary: Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri
    Undersecretary: Monsignor Udo Breitbach
    Adjunct Undersecretary: Mons. Serge Poitras )
    Prefect, Congregation for Bishops
    Piazza Pio XII, 10
    00193 Vatican City, Italy, EuropePhone: (011) 39-6-6988-4217