Monday, July 28, 2014



There's been a huge amount of stuff posted to this blog in the last 24 hours expressing your outrage over our lawless Archbishop, and a lot of it has been very well written. 

You need to take those same statements and go to the stories that are in the media TODAY and post those same comments there. You need to light this island on fire and the press has given you a chance to do that TODAY, NOW!

The post below has all the current stories and the links to them. Get on those websites and start saying the stuff you are saying here. For those of you who are even braver, you need to call into the radio shows. It's HOT news! Make it hotter. 

You can also contact the writers of those media stories and give them details about the stuff that you know that I know that you know but you don't want others to know that it's you who spilled the beans. The media writers are sworn to protect their sources if you ask them. 

Now is the time because they are coming for YOU next!

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