Friday, July 4, 2014


Today's Pacific Daily News fleshed out yesterday evening's online post about the Archbishop's invitation to the Concerned Catholics of Guam to meet with him. One of the comments on the PDN story stated that the Archbishop does not have to publish the diocesan financials. Here is my reply which you can also read on the PDN website:

Right. The Archbishop does not need to show the archdiocesan financials. The request is not as per any law. The request is as per the standard set by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops in 2000 and is now being set in Rome by Pope Francis as per his efforts to straighten out the scandals relative to the Vatican Bank. But besides that, it's simply the DECENT thing to do. The assets of the archdiocese DO NOT belong to the Archbishop. By law, (18 GCA § 10105. Property to be Held in Trust.) those assets are held in trust. The Catholics of Guam are simply asking for an accounting of those assets. It's the right thing to do. There should be nothing to hide. Emphasis on SHOULD. Stay tuned. 

There are also more comments at

Update. As expected the Archbishop is trying to make this about me. Going to the major media was not my idea. I'm glad someone else thought about it and was at least willing to do something. But it doesn't matter. If the Archbishop wants to make this about me then I will take up the challenge. Stay tuned.

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