Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Rather than offer an award to anyone who will reveal Diana's identity, let me first appeal to the members of the Neocatechumenal Way who are ashamed at her actions and her willingness to single out people's children. My new challenge is at the end.

I had to think long and hard about this because it involves further exposing one of my children. And I have come to the conclusion that given Diana's singling out my daughter on her blog and the insinuation of an unethical connection between my daughter and the editorial staff of the Pacific Daily News, it is time to expose Diana before she acts similarly against other people's children.

For those who don't know, Diana is the pseudonym for a coward blogger who has become the default spokesperson for the Neocatechumenal Way. She (if she is a she) is welcome to her errors and her idiocies. But she is not welcome to post about members of my family. 

On August, 9, Diana alleged on her blog that my daughter was employed by the PDN and that her employment had influenced the PDN's handling of submissions in support of the Neocatechumenal Way. She also posted a picture of my daughter which she later removed after I threatened to call the FBI. 

When confronted with "stalking", Diana objected that she was only googling the PDN and came across my daughter's name. 

However, she also dug into my daughter on Facebook.

  1. My daughter is not employed by the PDN. She was a freelance contributor to the Vibe, a sub-publication of the PDN by and for teenagers. 
  2. Suggesting that my teen-aged daughter's involvement with the Vibe had some influence on the editorial decisions of the the Pacific Daily News is a pathetic attack on the editors and writers of the PDN, and a testament to the psychological sickness that is at the root of this whole ugly conflict. 
  3. Bringing any child or any family member into this conflict who has not chosen to enter it on his or her own is an attack on an innocent bystander and is to be condemned. 

Because of the new lows Diana and her neocatechumenal supporters appear willing to sink to, it is time to call her out and hold her to account for the garbage she seems willing to smear our children with. 

Therefore, I hereby call on the members of the Neocatechumenal Way who sincerely want the rhetoric against the Way to cease, to challenge Diana to have the simple integrity to put his or her real name to her statements as I do. Hiding behind a pseudonym permits her to do the kind of garbage that is detailed above without consequence. Is it Christian to hide? Is that a credible witness to the real fruit of the Neocatechumenal Way? It's up to you. You know who Diana is. It is time to come out in the open. If not, then I will take her dragging my daughter into this as a personal affront to my family and the endangerment of my daughter.

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