Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So WHAT was in that first printing of the U MATUNA that was okay Friday, August 8, at 4:08 PM but not okay at 4:10 PM?

I have three copies. But I'm going to give the chancery the first opportunity to come clean. Meanwhile, I'm going to give the rest of you a hint. 

Didn't you think it weird that the Archbishop would post the January 8 letter from D & T and his allegations against Msgr. James, AGAIN, even after this was already printed in last week's paper and even after the allegations were thoroughly refuted by Mr. Art Ilagan, Mr. Joseph Rivera, and Mr. Rick Duenas, C.P.A.?

Well, if you thought it was weird you are right. Those letters were supposed to function as an ATTACHMENT to the statement that was removed with the second printing. However, in their haste they apparently forgot to get rid of the attachment. 

But like I said. I'm going to give the Archbishop a chance to tell the people the truth himself. And while he's at it, perhaps he can tell Diana to keep his hands off other people's children. 

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